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Despite the easing of the pandemic restrictions, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines already made its move to reduce their flights to give way for a much busier summer schedule according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 28. They say, 


“Along with delays in aircraft orders, Southwest like other airlines and companies across the economy is trying to adjust on the fly to supply chain and labor shortages crimping the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, even as consumer spending remains strong.


Southwest, which announced another quarter of pandemic-era losses on Thursday, cut about 20,000 flights between June and Labor Day and pushed up hiring plans by another 2,000 workers, bringing the goal to 10,000 net new workers for the year.


“Of course, if we need to trim more capacity we certainly can,” said Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan Thursday. “But I’m cautiously optimistic that we can get to a good balance of headcount and operate our schedules for the remainder of the year.”


The staffing challenges date back more than a year to when airlines were recalling employees from voluntary pandemic leave. The airline has aggressively been hiring across the company but is facing its biggest shortages in pilots and flight instructors, key positions to put planes in the air. When Southwest can bring on new workers, there are delays because of a shortage of people to train.”


Despite the ongoing staffing challenges, other factors are not affecting the company as much especially after a gas oil hike came imminent back in March and April according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 15 which reports, 


“While we’ve got a great plan for 2022, it all comes down to hiring,” Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan said in January.

Southwest hasn’t been hit as hard by higher fuel prices as other airlines because it aggressively hedges against high fuel prices. About 65% of the company’s fuel is bought with hedged contracts, the company said in an investor presentation.


“The pricing environment has been healthy as demand has been returning following the omicron variant,” she said.


Accordingly, this cutting of schedules should be seen as a stepping stone for the airline company in making a comeback. This is because the airline staff and crews are able to adjust and focus more on their regular schedules. Of course, the ongoing hiring should be able to provide support in the long run as they employ more and more until things are back to normal. 


After a canceled flight, an Oklahoma City couple decided to take on the suggestion of the airplane’s captain to conduct their marriage at 37,000 feet in the air according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 29 which reports, 


“Jeremy and Pam Salda said “I do” at 37,000 feet last weekend when a helpful fellow traveler and an adventurous captain turned a missed opportunity into a memorable event, along with toilet paper streamers and a donut wedding cake, Dallas-based Southwest Airlines said.


After the cancellation, a fellow traveler who was also headed to Las Vegas suggested they rush to Dallas Love Field to catch a Southwest Airlines flight.


When the couple boarded the plane at Dallas Love Field, the plane’s captain noticed that they were already wearing their wedding attire, Patterson in a white dress and Salda in a suit.


“The captain sees us and says, ‘Oh, are you going to Vegas to get married?,” Patterson told ABC 15 News in Phoenix. “And I said, ‘Well, we’re going to try. If not, I want to do it on this plane.’ And he goes, ‘Really?’”


Apart from the captain, the 37,000 feet marriage was made possible by the flight crew and surprisingly, the passengers as well who were delighted to take part according to an NBC 5 DFW article from April 29. They say, 


“Kligora said nearly all of the passengers cheered as the plans were announced to those on board.


Once at cruising altitude, he said the flight attendants pulled out of all the stops with toilet paper streamers, and a sash made of in-flight snacks he could wear as the officiant.


Call buttons lit the aisle as the bride made her way to the front of the plane before handing her bouquet off to an attendant who stood in as her maid of honor.


“When I was standing at the front looking out at all of the passengers on board and all you could see was cell phones lit up and everyone recording, it just… If you had any doubt about humanity, it was restored. It was amazing,” said Kligora.


“Everybody was congratulating us, and you know, thanking us for sharing our happy moment with them and bringing them a little bit of happiness,” said Jeremy Salda.”


The couple will proceed to celebrate their successful marriage with their friends and family in Cabo San Lucas. Amazingly, Kligora was invited by the couple and the former is looking forward to it already. 

Ever since the pandemic hit hard in 2020, the threat level in Dallas County has never dropped to the green level until recently when the Health Director announced the good news according to an Audacy article from April 24. They say, 


“Health director Phillip Huang says this means the county is at a very low threat of transmission.


“We’re very happy that the numbers are looking better, but it’s a caution because as we’re getting further away from when these people got their first doses and got boosted, we know that the protection from the vaccine starts to diminish,” Huang said.


He says cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are at some of their lowest numbers since the pandemic began. Huang still urges caution and suggests getting your booster shots.”


The lowering of the threat level to green was made possible through Judge Clay Jenkins who praised the North Texans and similarly strongly encouraged people to join the crusade against COVID-19 according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 22 which reports, 


“It’s because of the people in North Texas and the way that you’ve shown good judgment and shown courage that we are where we are,” Jenkins said at a news conference.


Jenkins urged people who are not vaccinated to sign up for a shot. He said people should also stay up to date on booster recommendations and get one when they’re eligible.


“There’s no question as to that third shot. You need that third shot,” Jenkins said. “We would encourage you to take full advantage of being out there and, celebrating and enjoying the new level of security that we now have.”

However, both Judge Jenkins and Health Director Huang emphasized that the green level does not mean that they are returning to the pre-pandemic period. As such, they emphasized that precaution and patience must still be exercised diligently and religiously. 


The highly-anticipated elevated park in Dallas has just finally reached 75% of their funding goal after garnering $62 million which is in care of Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation according to an NBC 5 DFW article from April 20. They say,  


“The vision for a deck park above I-35 in Oak Cliff continues to become reality as construction for the major project moves forward. On Tuesday organizers said they’ve reached 75% of their fundraising goal of $82 million for phase one of two of Southern Gateway Park.


Expected to be completed in 2024, the 5.5 acres of park will have trees, pavilions, food trucks, similar to Klyde Warren Park.


Funding for the massive project is part of a public and private partnership spearheaded by a nonprofit group called Southern Gateway Public Green Foundation.


On Tuesday it was announced they were able to raise more than $62 million of the $82 million. This past month they received millions thanks to four major donors, including Rees-Jones Foundation which gave $5 million to the project, Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) with $3.5 million with a grant from W.W. Caruth, Jr. Fund, $1 million from the Eugene McDermott Foundation and $1 million from the Rainwater Charitable Foundation.”


Mayor Eric Johnson, former Mayors Ron Kirk and Mike Rawlings all expressed their delight over the huge project as they see it as a substantial part of an economic development coming over to Dallas according to an Audacy article from April 20 which says, 


“It will provide green space and swaths of trees in an area defined by masses of concrete,” said Mayor Eric Johnson.


“I think we’re going to see people coming from all over the region,” Kirk said.


Former Mayor Mike Rawlings co-chairs the Southern Gateway Alliance with Kirk. Rawlings says the additional green space in those other neighborhoods has sparked more residential and commercial development.

“The economic development that’s going to come from this is going to be amazing,” Rawlings said. “It works when you put green space in and draw people in.”


“This is not going to be some carbon copy of Klyde Warren,” Johnson said. “This is going to be a park with a different purpose. This is all about neighborhoods, and it’s about people.”


However, the current development is only the first part out of two parts and the latter part is expected to cost the city and the people another $90 million. The second part of the park will extend further into Marsalis Ave. 


While their first trial in Dallas did not turn out the way they expected it to be, David Chang will be bringing back Fuku in Dallas and this time, stronger and better according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 14 which reports, 


“The first deliveries and pick-ups are expected to begin today, April 13, 2022, from a ghost kitchen in Irving.


By late April, the company plans to expand its reach to Allen, Frisco, Grapevine and Richardson.


After Fuku’s hot and heavy arrival in Dallas-Fort Worth, the company stopped delivering — quietly — when Fuku’s partnership with ghost kitchen company Reef ended in late 2021. The company is re-launching via new partnerships with Franklin Junction, Kitchen United, and Family Style Kitchens. In Dallas-Fort Worth, the sole partner is Franklin Junction.


And it’s not just their spirit and dedication that will be back in Dallas because they will also bring their whole menu with them according to a WFAA article from April 14. It lists,

  • Spicy fried chicken sando
  • Crispy habanero-brined chicken breast, Fuku mayo, pickle, Martin’s potato roll.
  • The “knockout” sando 
  • Crispy Habanero-brined Chicken Breast, seasoned cabbage, knockout sauce, pickle, Martin’s potato roll.
  • C.B.R. sando
  • Crispy habanero-brined chicken breast, crispy bacon, ranch, pickle, Martin’s potato roll.
  • Sweet and spicy sando
  • Crispy habanero-brined chicken breast, sweet + spicy glaze, pickle, Martin’s potato roll.
  • Chicken burger
  • Fresh Pat La Frieda ground chicken, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, Fuku mayo, pickle, Martin’s potato roll.
  • Chicken tenders, in regular or sweet & spicy
  • Waffle fries


Fuku will be utilizing delivery apps and unlike last time, they will prioritize it over pickup and takeout. DoorDash, Grubhub, Postmates and UberEats are the delivery apps where Fuku will be available. 


Carbone Opens in Dallas

April 26, 2022

After a long wait for the most anticipated restaurant, Carbone is finally opening to serve the most authentic and genuine Italian experience to Texans through its signature menu and fantastic restaurant designs according to a Dallas Observer article from April 12. They say, 


“Major Food Group (MFG), the group behind Carbone as well as 30 other restaurants, hotels and private clubs globally, has opened its first true bar suited for dining. MFG also recently opened Sadelle’s in Dallas.


In addition to some of Carbone’s staple dishes, the menu at Vino includes new items like their signature thin-crust square pizza along with handmade pasta, grand salumi boards and a constantly changing selection of dishes. Don’t fret, you can get the $25 Caesar on this side too. After dinner, guests can enjoy freshly made table-side gelato.


The space was designed by Ken Fulk, who over the years has created a range of restaurant spaces together with MFG, including the Carbone locations in Dallas, Miami, and Las Vegas.


According to Fulk, the space “celebrates a leisurely European mindset, with hand-painted pharmacy cabinets, gilded mirrors, and a wall of windows that allows for excellent people watching, while the al fresco experience — surrounded by citrus trees in oversized terra cotta pots — easily provides the ideal place to linger.”


But what is truly outstanding is the wine collection of over 1,000 bottles from different parts of Italy that will sit right inside the restaurant according to a Robb Report article from April 6. They say, 


“Vino’s wine collection, meanwhile, is extensive and extravagant. There are close to 1,000 bottles, representing most of Italy’s 20 wine regions. Guests can sample off-the-beaten-path selections like negroamaro from Puglia, lagrein from Trentino-Alto Adige, aglianico from Basilicata and fumin from Val d’Aosta.


“We’re easily sitting on a million dollars of wine on any given night,” Carbone says. “We’ve been able to put together a list that just goes far deeper in vintages than anybody else. Our vertical of Sassicaia goes into and through the ’80s. The whole wine room is glass-enclosed. We intended it to be a showcase. You can see all the sommeliers in there pulling bottles.”


Carbone emphasizes that his restaurant is not just about the menu and designs but altogether an experience that will truly make them feel remarkable and special. Needless to say, he hopes to bring Italy to his customers. 


Dallas citizens will be looking at something new and amazing in the skyline after the biggest art was installed in Fountain Place according to an NBC 5 DFW article from April 1 which reports, 


“The biggest art installation in the city was unveiled this week at Fountain Place, one of Dallas’ most recognizable skyscrapers.


Standing at a whopping eight stories tall, the painting by artist Steve Penley features a collage of treasured Dallas icons like Big Tex, Reunion Tower, and American Airlines.


“When I was a kid I always wanted to be a cowboy. One always thinks of Texas as being the land of cowboys. When I’m here at least I get to feel like one,” Penley said. “It’s an honor to share my cowboy dreams with the people of Dallas and to have my work become a part of this amazing building.”


However, Penley was not the only one behind the scene as he was commissioned by Goddard Investment Group who truly admired Penley’s style of art according to a Focus Daily Group article from March 30. They say, 


“Goddard Investment Group is thrilled to unveil this incredibly special painting by world-renowned artist Steve Penley,” said Jim Wilson, Goddard Investment Group Partner. “Like so many others, we have been an admirer of Penley’s work, so when we came up with this idea for an installation, we sought him out specifically to commission this new piece. We are extremely thankful to him for his talents and capturing our vision, and we can’t wait for North Texans to view the art for themselves.”


Fountain Place is a Dallas landmark, an instantly recognizable icon that defines the Dallas skyline. The 58-story glass prism, designed by preeminent architects I.M. Pei and Harry Cobb of I.M. Pei Partners, rises from the famous plaza containing 1.7 acres of water, cascading fountains and trees designed by legendary landscape architect Dan Kiley. Originally built in 1986, a recently completed $70 million renovation carefully and thoughtfully updates all of the building interiors so that they are as timeless as the iconic exterior. The addition of AMLI Fountain Place, a 45-story architectural masterpiece with 366 residences, completes the project’s original vision as the preeminent live-work-play urban environment.


“Goddard Investment Group is proud to present this gift to the city of Dallas,” said Quito Anderson, Goddard Investment Group Partner. “And since Steve Penley is well known for his bold paintings that capture icons, we felt it would be great to honor some of the images that we associate with Dallas. And for Big D we had to make it 8 stories tall!”


Penley, whose work is renowned in both the corporate world and private collectors in the world, originally made the piece at 9 foot by 7 foot but it was later refined into a 90 foot tall to accommodate the 8 stories directed by Goddard Investment Group. 


COVID-19 made people miss WrestleMania so much that WrestleMania’s 38 got so highly-anticipated that it was able to capture the company’s highest grossing ever according to a Cageside Seats article from April 4 which reports, 


“WWE® announced that WrestleMania 38 became WWE’s highest-grossing and most-attended event in company history. WWE’s annual pop-culture extravaganza saw 156,352 fans from all 50 states and 53 countries converge on AT&T Stadium in Dallas over the course of two exciting nights, surpassing the previous gate and attendance records set by WrestleMania 32 in 2016.


“On behalf of our family and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization, we are ecstatic to have once again shattered records with WrestleMania at AT&T Stadium,” said Dallas Cowboys Chief Brand Officer Charlotte Jones. “I’ve experienced first-hand WWE’s commitment to both its fans and host cities alike. We are so grateful for their partnership and desire to always overdeliver.”


“We are thrilled that WrestleMania’s return to Dallas again generated record results, proving that everything is indeed bigger in Texas,” said WWE Executive Vice President of Special Events John Saboor. “We are grateful to the Jones Family and the entire Dallas Cowboys Organization, the Dallas Sports Commission, the city of Arlington, the city of Dallas and all the public and private sector partners who were instrumental in making WrestleMania 38 the most stupendous two-night WrestleMania in history.”


A key success to the events were unadvertised appearances of legendary figures from the wrestling world according to a SI Wrestling article from April 4 which reports, 


“The shows featured actual unadvertised wrestling matches with Steve Austin for the first time in 19 years and Vince McMahon for the first time in 12. Because WrestleMania until 2019 had been one show, by doing two shows the company sold more wrestling tickets this past weekend than the last time in Dallas.


While they didn’t wrestle each other, Austin and McMahon was a nostalgic return to the period from mid-1998 until early 2001, the hottest era in WWF history. The two squared off one more time, and hopefully for the last time, with 57-year-old Austin giving 76-year-old McMahon what was supposed to be a stunner.


Seth Rollins vs. Rhodes was never advertised, only that Rollins would have a match against a mystery opponent. But it had been reported for weeks that Rollins vs. Rhodes was on the show. And it certainly seemed that most fans were expecting it.”


Two mayors, Mayor Eric Johnson of Dallas and Mayor Jim Ross of Arlington, expressed their gratitude and delight with the huge event that helped their respective cities according to a Dallas Morning News article from April 4. They say, 


“The city of Dallas would like to thank WWE for presenting an incredible WrestleMania week of events at both the American Airlines Center and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center,” said Dallas mayor Eric Johnson.


“The week provided an economic windfall for Dallas and proved once again that our city is a first-class host for major sporting events.”


“The city of Arlington is extremely grateful to WWE for bringing back its biggest annual celebration,” said Arlington mayor Jim Ross.


Now Wrestlemania, renewed with hope and excitement with the aftermath of COVID-19, is looking forward to 2023 where they will be setting upon Hollywood and the entire Los Angeles.

Despite the pandemic that hit every state, Dallas’ tech industry was able to progress and thrive more than most states since they have been building and supporting their tech industry ever since according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 22. They say, 


“It also made impressive gains as a technology capital, growing tech-sector jobs faster than the nation and gaining market share in the first year of the pandemic.


“In Dallas, you just have an abundance of opportunity,” said Bill Sproull, a longtime tech industry leader who formerly was CEO of Tech Titans, a local industry trade group. “A lot of these folks are being hired by companies that are tech-enabled. Think about State Farm, Capital One and BNSF; they hire all these IT folks, and they’re competing with the big tech platforms for the same labor pool.”


Dallas is attractive to companies that want to tap a large labor pool while also cutting operating costs, he said. And it appeals to workers who want a hybrid workplace because many companies have regional offices here.


Downtown Dallas has been building tech clusters for many years, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. It has attracted some surprising employers in the past, including tech hubs for Blue Cross Blue Shield and Sam’s Club.”


Just recently, another IT startup made waves as it acquired a $115 million investment for their new internet browser that showcases an amazing security and productivity feature according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 23 which reports,  


“Island announced Wednesday it raised $115 million in a new investment round led by New York-based global venture capital and private equity firm Insight Partners. The investment places Island’s valuation at $1.3 billion, according to the company.


Island’s main product is its Enterprise Browser, an internet browser that the company advertises as providing “unprecedented improvements” in security and productivity. The browser is based on open source code from Google through one of the tech giant’s projects called Chromium. Chromium provides developers with the same infrastructure as the popular Chrome browser to build on so the experience can be customized but familiar to the end user.


It claims to give companies’ security teams more control over employees’ use of the growing array of enterprise software on the market, much of which is accessible through a web browser.”


The IT company houses more than 100 workers which duly compliments the total number of employees in Dallas that is almost at a 130,000 mark just in 2020. It is vital for the tech companies and the industry itself to remain strong and high since it is the deciding factor for salary and benefits for the employees who in turn make the industry thrive.  


Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, is expanding the incredibly huge Gates of Prosper with 1,000 residential units after purchasing more land this February according to a The Real Deal article from March 28. They say,


“The project marks the third phase of retail construction for the Preston Road development. The 140,000-square-foot superstore will make the Gates of Prosper the largest shopping center along U.S. 380 between McKinney and Denton, with more than 1 million square feet of shops and restaurant space.


The residential plans estimate about 1,000 units, including apartments, single-family homes and townhouses.


“We’ve got 325 apartments under construction that will open in spring of next year,” Blue Star Land general manager Joe Hickman said.


In February, the company quietly purchased more than 120 acres on Interstate 35E in Waxahachie for a mixed-use project. The firm has also purchased more than 100 acres of industrial land in Prosper west of the old downtown.”


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the project resumed construction and development and even allowed additional retailers and shops to open according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 25 which reports, 


“Started in 2016 at the north corners of Preston and U.S. 380, the Gates of Prosper shopping center already has retailers including Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Burlington, DSW, Mattress Firm, PetSmart, Ross and TJ Maxx.


Blue Star Land opened the second major phase of the project in 2021.


“We finished 250,000 square feet during COVID, and most of it is leased up,” Hickman said.


Tenants in the shopping phase that opened last year include Kohl’s, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and HomeGoods.”


The entire project is still a long way from the finish line since its next phase for the development of the new Target store is ongoing and is set to finish next year. 

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