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Fun Stuff To Do in Dallas

January 22, 2021

With guidelines slowly getting more and more lax and businesses and people adjusting to the new normal, you may be looking for things to do in Dallas-Fort Worth. Maybe, after all the chaos of 2020, you want to calm down with some Mozart. You can watch the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform “Mozart 40 and More” according to a Culture Map Dallas article January 14th. In it they say:

“The latest concert from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, taking place at Meyerson Symphony Center through Saturday, features conductor Nicholas McGegan and pianist Helene Grimaud. It will include three Mozart selections: Symphony No. 27Piano Concerto No. 20, and Symphony No. 40. The concert on Saturday night will be recorded and will be available virtually starting January 29.”

Or maybe you want to do something slightly wild, but from a safe distance and away from the virus. Wild Night In just might be your thing. Dallas Zoo’s annual fundraiser is going digital this year according to a Paper City article from January 19th. In it they say:

“Dallas Zoo’s annual fundraiser Zoo To Do is going virtual this year. You can tune into their “Wild Night In” this Thursday at 6:15 pm to get a closer look at the oldest zoological park in Texas, along with a better understanding of what the nonprofit has accomplished this year. The event is free to watch, but you must RSVP for event updates and a digital event guide ahead of time. You’ll be able to bid on items at the online auction, buy raffle tickets for behind-the-scenes experiences, and more.”

There are a ton of fun things to do in Dallas to bring in the new year. Try some out before they end!

Rent Assistance in Dallas

January 20, 2021

Dallas is preparing to get rent assistance for people in need according to a Kera News article from January 20th. In it they say:

“The Center on Budget Policies and Priorities found that nearly one in five renter households in the U.S. were behind on rent in December, with Black and Latino renters facing even higher rates of housing insecurity.

That cliff’s edge was pushed back by Congress’ last-minute bill last month, but the situation for many renters is still dire.

The eviction moratorium issued by the CDC, which Congress extended a month, is helpful but far from fool-proof, and growing less effective. It’s not automatic, and it only prevents eviction for failure to pay rent.”


In terms of short-term rentals, Dallas is looking to crack down on that according to a Fox 4 article, also from January 20th. In it they say:

“The Dallas City Council is once again trying to put tougher rules on short-term rentals that turn into party homes.

One possible change would ban homes in certain neighborhoods from renting to visitors.

Some homeowners say short-term-rental party houses are ruining their neighborhoods. Now, some city council members are asking staff to find out if the city can legally ban the rentals in areas zoned as single-family.”


It looks like renting in Dallas is about change, with long-term renters getting some much needed aid, and a crackdown on party house renters.

As the state continues distributing doses, seven more vaccination hubs are making their way to Dallas-Fort Worth according to a Dallas Morning News article from January 18th. In it they say:

“The number of coronavirus vaccination hubs across Texas will nearly triple this week as the state distributes about 70% more doses than it did one week ago.

In North Texas, the number of hubs will grow from six to 13 — including four in Collin County, where the county judge said last week that the number of vaccines that had been received wasn’t acceptable.

Across the state, there will be 77 vaccination hubs, an increase from 28 last week. In Dallas County, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas and the Garland Health Department have been added. The Arlington Fire Department has been newly designated as a hub in Tarrant County.”

There are also changes in the way the vaccines will be distributed, this time with a focus on ZIP codes according to a WFAA 8 article from January 19th. In it they say:

“Aiming to correct what he says were too many shots going to constituents in his northern Dallas County district, Commissioner J.J. Koch on Tuesday advanced a proposal to give vaccine prioritization to 11 ZIP codes identified in county data as most affected by COVID-19.

Starting Monday, Feb. 1, priority will be given to people living in 75228, 75210, 75211, 75215, 75216, 75217, 75227, 75149, 75150, 75241, and 75243.

Koch says those ZIP codes were selected based off data from the Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation vulnerability index.”

If you live in any of those zip codes, you may want to checkout what the nearest hub in your location is to get a slot for yourself and your family.

Due to Covid-19 Dallas driver’s license and vehicle registration were waived to avoid long lines and large crowds that can be conducive to the spread of the virus. That waiver is ending in April 2021 according to a Fox News article from December 17th. In it they say:


” If your driver’s license or vehicle registration has expired and you haven’t renewed, the time to get that done will be up soon. The governor’s office announced the temporary waiver issued due to COVID-19 that allowed people to hold off on renewals will end April 14, 2021.Vehicles can be re-registered online, by mail on in person with the respective county of the driver – but only after passing a state inspection.”


Since the announcement in December, about a million North Texans still have to register before the waiver ends in a few months according to a Fox 4 article published on January 14th. In it they say:


“If your vehicle registration has expired and you haven’t renewed, the time to get that done will be up soon. The clock is ticking, as Texans have 90 days to get their vehicle registration renewed. On April 15, police will begin issuing citations again. Local tax assessors said there’s plenty of way to get it done in time. At the new South Dallas government center, people are getting their expired vehicle registrations renewed before the grace period ends in 90 days.”


When the news broke on Reddit, locals were quick to chime in.


“I keep forgetting I need to renew mine. Not because of Covid or anything. Just forgetful.” Said one forgetful redditor.


“I didn’t even know there was a wavier.” Said one redditor who seems to be locked out of loop.


“And I just had my vehicle inspection done today. What timing!” Read one luck comment.


You can view the full thread and contribute to the discussion here. And if you haven’t yet, get your vehicle registered before time runs out.

A fifth grader has won the Dallas ISD’s MLK oratory competition according to an NBC 5 DFW article published on January 15th. In it they say:


“Fourth-grade and fifth-grade students in Dallas ISD stepped up to the microphone at the auditorium inside W.H. Adamson High School on Friday and echoed the words of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. . . This year, students were asked to answer the question: How do you think Dr. King’s teachings can help us today? . . .  The winner Dominic Patermo, a fifth-grader from Harry C. Withers Elementary took home $2,000. Second place was Zoe Frazier, a fourth-grader from J.P. Starks Math, Science, and Technology Vanguard. She won $1,000. Dinastee McKinney, a fifth-grader from Clara Oliver Elementary got third place and $400.”


The Dallas Mavericks and NBA teamed up to judge the contest according to an article on the NBA Mavs’ official website. In it they say:


“The annual MLK Oratory Competition was designed by Foley Gardere to recognize and encourage the writing and oratory skills of elementary students. In addition, it serves as a celebration of cultural diversity and opportunity to spotlight talented Dallas ISD students as they learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This year’s panel of judges included Dallas Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall, who returned as a judge for the second year in a row. Other judges included former Dallas Cowboy and NFL great, DeMarcus Ware, Dallas Stars legend and Olympian, Marty Turco and well-known community leader, Michelle Silverthorn. Local broadcasting legend, Clarice Tinsley, served as the master of ceremonies.”


You can view Dominic Patermo’s full, winning speech on the NBC 5 article. With everything going on in the world, Martin Luther King’s legacy is still very much remembered.

Dallas Vaccine Updates

January 11, 2021

Of the 79 vaccination hubs in Texas, 13 are in Dallas-Fort Worth according to a Dallas Morning News article published on January 10th. In it they say:


“In Dallas County, the county health department, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Health and Hospital System, Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, and the City of Garland Health Department are designated as hubs by the Department of State Health Services. In Tarrant County, the county health department, Texas Health Resources and the Arlington Fire Department are designated by the state as hubs. There are four hubs in Collin County: the Allen Fire Department, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Plano, the City Of McKinney Fire Department and Collin County Healthcare Services. The thirteenth hub is the Denton County health department.”


If you are part of Phase 1A or Phase 1B of immunization, you can go to any vaccination hubs regardless of where in Texas you live to get vaccinated. For anyone else, you have to set an appointment for this batch and future batches of the vaccine according to an NBC 5 DFW article from January 15th. In it they say:


“From now on, Dallas County officials said Friday it will be appointments only for future COVID-19 vaccinations after two days of confusion and long waits for walk-up vaccines with no appointment. That announcement came on the same day that Dallas County reported 2,817 new COVIDovid-19 cases and 24 more deaths. The line of waiting cars stretched a mile from Fair Park Friday afternoon and some people said it took six hours to make it through the line and get vaccinated.”


Given that last line, if you want to get vaccinated, it’s best to set an appointment as soon as you possibly can to avoid any preventable delays.

          That controversial police memo directing cops to not respond to certain crimes has quickly been rescinded according to an NBC 5 DFW article from January 4th. In it they say:


A city of Dallas memorandum dated Jan. 1 that said in most cases police officers would not be dispatched to certain types of calls like car thefts, criminal mischief and child custody disputes, was rescinded Saturday afternoon. Quietly released, many learned about the directive via social media, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) who tweeted a scathing response Saturday. Dallas’ incoming police chief, Eddie Garcia, will join the department from San Jose, California, where he served as chief for the last five years. Hours after the governor’s tweet, Dallas Police issued a statement saying the directive had been rescinded.”


          Many were quick to voice their displeasure with the new directive, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbot according to a Dallas Morning News article from January 3rd. In it they say:


Abbott responded to news of the memo Saturday on Twitter, saying: ‘The state of Texas will begin work this month to fix this. Everyone in our state deserves to be safe from crime,’ he said. ‘We will restore law and order in Texas.’ Later that evening, Dallas police said the memo had been rescinded because it was issued prematurely while the department is still evaluating the proposal to direct callers to the online reporting system, which was introduced in June 2019 to help with staffing shortages.”


          It looks like Dallas leaders are not keen on the new directives, and given all the negative backlash, it looks like these directive drafts aren’t going to be pushing through. 

         A controversial Dallas PD memo that tells police to ignore certain emergency calls has been leaked, causing quite an upset for locals according to a KPRC Radio article from January 4th. In it they say:


After hiring a new police chief from California, a leaked memo from the top law enforcement officials in Dallas says officers will no longer respond to stolen cars, criminal mischief, reckless damage, runaway kids and child custody escalations, among other offenses.”


          If that sounds worrying, that’s because it is. Though, the Dallas PD was quick to point out that the memo is not going into effect for now, as it simply details a draft of their plan according to a Fox 4 article from January 4th. In it they say: 


A leaked Dallas Police Department memo is drawing criticism from the governor and others in law enforcement for outlining certain crimes that police will investigate, but no longer be dispatched to if there’s a 911 call. The department says the memo is only a draft. The memo, citing more than a dozen types of calls that officers will no longer be dispatched to, is being called ‘premature’ in a post made on the department’s social media accounts, but it’s not off the table.”


          So to be clear; nothing is set in stone and police will still be investigating the crimes in question. 

         Dallas continues its upward trend on Covid-19 cases, shattering hospitalizations record in Dallas County according to a Dallas Morning News article from December 31st. In it they say:


The latest Dallas County victims included nine Dallas residents: a man in his 30s, two men in their 40s, a man in his 60s, two men and a woman in their 70s, and a man and a woman in their 80s. All had been hospitalized, and all except the woman in her 80s had underlying health conditions. A Dallas woman in her 50s died at home and had underlying health conditions. Two Garland residents were among the dead: an 18-year-old man and a woman in her 60s who each had been hospitalized in critically ill condition. The man had underlying chronic medical conditions; the woman did not. The remaining victims were a Mesquite woman in her 50s, a Carrollton man in his 60s, a Richardson man in his 70s and a Hutchins man in his 70s. All had been critically ill in the hospital and had underlying health conditions. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said COVID-19 hospitalizations are at a record high while the availability of ICU beds in the county is at a record low.”


         In fact, flights were delayed in Dallas because of a positive case at an FAA facility according to an NBC News article from January 5th. In it they say:


Airspace around the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, one of the nation’s busiest, was closed Monday after a controller tested positive for Covid-19. The airport’s Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility was cleaned after a controller tested positive, the Federal Aviation Administration said. The center handles inbound and outbound air traffic at the airport and others, and controllers there were working out of DFW’s center tower, the agency said. The FAA’s website had listed a ground stop around 6:30 p.m., and it was lifted about an hour and a half later, the airport said.”


         Just goes to show, all it takes is one case for whole operation chains to grind to a halt no matter for how short.  


          Earlier in the year Sally Luther, a Dallas hair salon owner was arrested for violating Covid-19 restrictions according to a Washington Post article from May 8. In it they say: 


The judge told Shelley Luther she didn’t have to go to jail. The owner of Salon à la Mode in Dallas had been operating her business despite a temporary restraining order last week from Dallas County State District Judge Eric Moyé. She kept operating despite a county official’s cease-and-desist letter ordering her to close — a letter she ripped up before a crowd of protesters in a theatrical display of defiance during an Open Texas rally in Frisco, Tex., on April 25.”


         Robin Torres is another person who violated stay-at-home orders and went to jail for it according to a Texas Tribune article published on December 19th, In it they say:


Torres was one of at least 300 people arrested for violating COVID-19 orders, often in conjunction with other charges, in the first six weeks of the pandemic in the Rio Grande Valley, an investigation by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune found. Here, in a part of the state already teeming with law enforcement because of its location along the border with Mexico, officials took some of the hardest lines on enforcement of COVID-19 rules in Texas. Altogether, authorities here issued nearly 2,000 citations to individuals for violating the orders, the investigation found.”


         Looks like not everyone in Texas agrees with strict and punitive enforcement of COVID-19 policies. 


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