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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) reported that there were approximately 15,764 serious injury crashes in Texas in 2021, with 19,448 people sustaining a serious injury. The total number of reported motor vehicle traffic crashes in Texas was 425,074, leading to 4,489 deaths. 

The Barber Law Firm helps car accident injury victims every day to get back on their feet physically and financially. 

At the Barber Law Firm, we understand the complexities and challenges that arise after you’ve been involved in a car accident in Texas. Our team of dedicated attorneys specializes in navigating the often convoluted path to securing the compensation you rightfully deserve. In a state where the roads are as vast as the legal hurdles can be high, our expertise in car accident cases becomes your most valuable asset. With Texas’s stringent laws, such as the proportionate responsibility statute which dictates that if you are found more than 51% at fault for the accident, you’re barred from recovering any compensation, the importance of having a knowledgeable ally cannot be overstated. Our firm is adept at meticulously investigating and presenting your case to ensure that your rights are protected and your recovery maximized.

Choosing the Barber Law Firm means partnering with a team that’s deeply committed to your cause. We pride ourselves on our ability to cut through the red tape and challenge the complexities of Texas law on your behalf. Our approach is tailored to each client’s unique situation, understanding that behind every case is a person’s life affected by unforeseen circumstances. Whether it’s negotiating with insurance companies or representing you in court, our attorneys are relentless in their pursuit of justice. With the Barber Law Firm, you’re not just hiring an attorney; you’re gaining a dedicated advocate who will stand by you every step of the way, ensuring that the strict laws in Texas do not hinder your path to recovery and compensation.

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Kris Barber and his team of Dallas attorneys recognize the factors that are most urgent following a traumatic automobile wreck:

Medical Treatment

Ambulance, hospital, medical treatment, and surgery costs

Lost Wages

associated with the auto accident

Future Medical Treatment

Funeral costs

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Consulting with a seasoned car injury attorney is highly recommended if you’re injured in an accident. There are specific circumstances that particularly warrant seeking legal counsel.

Significant Injuries

In the event of severe injuries from a car accident, engaging a car injury attorney is crucial for your benefit. An attorney can assist in claiming compensation for medical expenses, lost earnings, and other losses, navigating the complex claims process to secure the maximum possible compensation.

Immediate Settlement Offers from Insurance Companies

Should you sustain injuries caused by another driver’s negligence, their insurance company might rush to settle the claim. Adjusters often aim to minimize your claim, pushing for a quick settlement before the full extent of your damages is known. A car injury lawyer can manage these negotiations, ensuring you’re not coerced into an unjust settlement that falls short of covering your future needs.

Claim Denials by Insurance Companies

It’s common for insurance companies to deny liability for an accident, blaming you to avoid payout. However, a claim denial doesn’t mean the end of your case. An adept car injury lawyer can advocate for you, leveraging legal expertise to validate your claim.

Beyond Medical Costs

The aftermath of a car accident can extend beyond medical bills, causing chronic pain, increased anxiety, and PTSD, significantly impacting your life quality. A car accident lawyer can champion your right to compensation for these personal losses, including diminished life enjoyment. Additionally, your lawyer might negotiate lower medical expenses, potentially after settling with the insurance company, further easing your financial burden.
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Car Accident Claims.

Prepared For Your Car Accident Case

While any attorney can technically handle a car accident case, those who focus on these cases have resources that a general practice attorney will not. The difference really comes into view when the path to appropriate compensation is not clear. A truly experienced car accident attorney spends most of their time entrenched in the nuances of insurance contracts, insurance law, and how insurance companies work and fight against claims. Another big difference is in the resources available to a firm that focuses on car accidents. A car accident attorney firm hires support staff who’s job is is to specialize in supporting an attorney build your accident case right. The Barber Law Firm brings these advantages and more including relationships with medical care providers who can help you recover without out of pocket costs.

We typically don’t need to escalate your case to court. Once we notify the insurance carrier that you are represented by our attorneys, they change their tone immediately. Going to court costs them money and they have procedures to avoid doing so at all costs. 

In the rare instances where we do take a case to court, we only do so when we have a perfectly solid case and know for a fact that we are likely to increase your outcome.


A typical individual has virtually zero chance of getting a favorable outcome from insurance carriers. Think about it. They have entire teams that do nothing but mitigate and invalidate claims every single day. They have teams of adjusters and attorneys who’s entire job is to prevent the claim from being a loss for the company.

So it makes sense to have a legal team who does the same thing, except who fights on your side.  

Several factors influence the compensation you could be awarded for injuries from a car accident, such as the nature of your injuries and their impact on your daily life. Additionally, your actions can affect the level of fault attributed to you for the accident and how serious your injuries are perceived to be. Be cautious, as insurance companies may take advantage of these errors.

Here are some HUGE no-no’s: 

  • Do not admit any degree of fault to anyone. If you’ve already done that, then you need to get a lawyer like ours right now. 
  • Don’t negotiate or even speak to insurance company representatives. The only people who should talk to those guys are your car accident lawyers or carefully supervised members of their team. Seriously, don’t even try it. If you have already done this, then you absolutely need to speak with us. 
  •  Don’t stop medical treatments before your doctors release you. 
  • Do not make social media posts about your accident or injuries.
These are just the general rules for any case. But each case is different. There may be critical factors specific to your case which your Barber Law Firm attorney may help you understand and coach you on. 
Inquire with your car accident attorney about which type of damages are applicable to your case.

Economic Damages

Victims of car accidents often incur a range of expenses due to the incident. Economic damages are designed to compensate for costs such as: – Medical expenses, including transport, medications, rehabilitation, and any required medical devices – Costs for caregiver services – Lost income – Costs for repairing or replacing damaged property Maintain all receipts related to your accident and resulting injuries, as you will need to demonstrate your financial losses. If you have doubts about whether a particular cost is eligible, consult with your car accident lawyer.

Non-Economic Damages

Victims of car accidents may also be entitled to non-economic damages for injuries that do not have a direct financial impact: – Pain and suffering, including physical, emotional, and mental anguish – Permanent scars or disabilities – General inconvenience – Harm to personal relationships – Reduced enjoyment of life – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) – Lowered future earning ability – Anticipated future medical costs As a general rule, the more severe your injuries and their effects on your life, the greater the potential compensation.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are awarded to penalize the defendant for intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence, and to discourage similar behavior by others. These damages are not awarded in every car accident claim. Consult your lawyer to determine if your case might be eligible for punitive damages.

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Asked Questions

Absolutely nothing–at The Barber Law Firm, our personal injury consultations for car accident cases is 100% free, whether you decide to retain our office or not. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a consultation to speak with us after your car accident. 

Special timeframes called “statutes of limitations” place a limit on how long a person has to file a claim against another party in a personal injury case. In the majority of Texas car accident cases, a person has two years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit against the other driver. It’s important to keep an eye on this time limit during the settlement process; if your claim isn’t settled out of court within the two-year time period, your attorney must file a lawsuit against the other party before the two-year anniversary of your car accident. After this time limit has expired, it is extremely difficult–and in most cases, impossible–to file a lawsuit against the other party to your car wreck to recover compensation for your injuries.

The type of compensation that you can recover in a car accident claim depends on a multitude of factors, including how badly you were injured in your wreck and the percentage of fault that was allocated to you for the accident. Typical forms of compensation that you may be entitled to receive include:

  • Medical expenses such as  hospital bills, rehabilitation costs, and costs of medical equipment needed after your car wreck; 
  • Income that you have lost as a result of having to miss work after your accident (and lost earning potential if you are permanently disabled and unable to return to work after your wreck); 
  • Physical pain that you suffered both during and after your car wreck; 
  • Emotional trauma that you endured as a result of your car accident, including depression, anxiety, and an inability to sleep; and
  • Costs to repair your vehicle, or costs to replace your vehicle if it was totaled in your car accident. 

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to determine the dollar amount of compensation that you can receive from your car accident claim. A number of factors must be considered in determining the potential compensation that you could be awarded after your car accident. In general, the more severe your injuries, the more compensation that you may be able to receive in a car accident case. Additional factors that can affect how much compensation you can be awarded in a personal injury claim include the amount of medical bills that you have incurred as a result of treatment of your injuries, whether your injuries are recoverable or whether they are permanent, and whether you were in any way at fault in your accident.

Most parties to a car accident claim never have to see the inside of a courtroom, as these cases are usually settled before they ever reach the trial stage. In some cases, however, insurance companies are unwilling to settle for a fair amount, and a case must move forward to trial. If your case does progress to the trial stage, don’t worry–our legal team prepares every car accident claim as if it will go to trial, so we are never caught off guard if the case progresses to that stage of litigation.

You don’t pay any upfront retainer or hourly fee for The Barber Law Firm to represent you in your car wreck case. We handle car accident cases on a contingency basis, which means that we retain a percentage of the compensation that you are awarded in your case. The percentage that is retained depends on whether or not a lawsuit must be filed to recover compensation in your case, as there is a substantially greater amount of work which must be put into filing a lawsuit and going to trial. If we are unable to recover any compensation for your case on your behalf, you don’t pay us a cent.

One of the many benefits of working with The Barber Law Firm is that, over the past 20 years, we have built a robust network of professional relationships with a variety of medical providers in Texas. As explained in the “How will I pay my medical bills?” question above, the medical providers for our clients will typically agree to have their medical bills paid later from the proceeds of the insurance settlement through a letter of protection. Treatment now, payment later – however, medical providers will normally only agree to this arrangement if they have written assurances from a good accident lawyer that future payment for their bills will come from the settlement proceeds.

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