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Asked Questions

Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident to start a claim. Be prepared to provide details about what happened and any injuries or property damage. Keep in mind the insurance company will document the call and may use your statements later during the claims process. Consider consulting a personal injury attorney before providing a recorded statement.

Many doctors will not treat accident victims unless they can pay upfront. A personal injury attorney can help set up a letter of protection where the provider agrees to treat you now and be paid later from the settlement funds. This allows you to get treatment without having to pay out of pocket before your claim resolves.

The value depends on factors like medical expenses, lost income, future care needs, and non-economic damages for pain/suffering. An experienced personal injury attorney can thoroughly evaluate your unique case based on these factors to seek full and fair compensation.

Potentially, but it can be complex to prove and document lost earnings. You’ll likely need specific records from doctors and employers. An attorney can help navigate this process and fight for your lost wage claim.

No. Studies show people represented by attorneys get higher settlements. Insurance companies want you to settle fast and cheap. Consult an attorney before talking to the insurer to learn your rights. Never feel pressured to discuss your case directly with the insurance company.

Each case is different. Less complex claims may settle in months. More serious injuries requiring ongoing care could take a year or more. Your attorney will work as quickly as possible to get you fair compensation without settling too fast.

Your attorney can connect you with doctors willing to treat you now and wait for payment from settlement funds later. This avoids paying out of pocket before your case resolves.

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