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If you’ve suffered injuries in a rollover accident that was caused by someone else’s carelessness, the team of personal injury attorneys at The Barber Law Firm are standing by to provide you with the competent legal representation that you need and deserve. Our legal team is dedicated to providing more than just legal representation—we also treat our clients with the compassion and empathy that is needed after a severe rollover accident. When you turn your case over to The Barber Law Firm’ s personal injury team, you can rest easy knowing that your interests are being protected by a legal team whose main goal is to help you obtain the justice you deserve. 

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Rollover accidents aren’t caused by any one factor–there are a variety of different reasons why a car could roll during an accident. Common factors that can lead to rollover accidents include: 

  • Type of vehicle. As opposed to low-sitting cars like sedans, vehicles that are taller and narrower–such as an SUV, truck, or van–have a higher center of gravity. This can cause the car to flip more easily during an accident. 
  • Speed. Vehicles are more likely to rollover when traveling at high speeds. Especially when going around a corner too fast. 
  • Losing control of a vehicle. Rollover accidents occur when a driver loses control of his or her vehicle. Quickly swerving to avoid hitting a car that pulled out in front of you, for example, can cause a vehicle to roll.
  • Roadway hazards. Rollover accidents frequently occur when the direction of a person’s vehicle is interrupted and the wheels are pitched sideways. Examples of roadway hazards include objects in the road, large potholes, or manhole covers that are protruding out of the road.
  • Struck from the side. When a car is struck from the side, such as in a T-bone accident where one vehicle directly collides into the side of another vehicle, the car which has been hit can be pushed onto its side or rollover onto its roof.

Injuries resulting from rollover accidents can be very severe. Common injuries that a driver or passenger can suffer in a rollover accident include:

  • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries;
  • Neck and spinal cord injuries;
  • Broken bones;
  • Surface injuries such as cuts and bruises;
  • Internal injuries such as internal bleeding, torn ligaments, and pulled muscles and tendons;
  • Chest injuries from impact of the vehicle’s steering wheel; and
  • Arm and leg injuries from the impact of the vehicle flipping.

If you’ve been involved in a rollover accident, it’s critical to take proper steps to protect your legal rights and ensure your best chance of recovering the compensation you need to help pay for the costs of your injuries. Steps that you should take after an accident include: 

  • Get medical help. After a rollover accident, it’s critical to seek medical treatment for your injuries. No matter how minor or severe you may think that your injuries are, this is a critical step in protecting your legal rights after an accident. After an accident, the adrenaline in your body can cause you to overlook some of the injuries that you may have sustained. Obtaining medical treatment will ensure that you are properly taking care of your injuries after your accident.
  • Start a medical journal. Each day, write a quick note about how you are feeling after your accident. Take note of particular body parts that are aching and rate your pain on a scale of one to ten. This can help you understand how you are healing after your accident. 
  • Seek legal help. Even if you are unsure whether you will bring a claim for your injuries, it’s important to speak with an attorney to explore your options and understand what legal remedies you have available to you. 
  • Keep track of time missed from work. If you have had to take time off of work to recover from your injuries, keep a log of the dates that you missed work. You may be able to recover the income that you have missed out on as a result of your injuries. 

If you’re the victim of a rollover accident, you already know that the losses that you can suffer extend far beyond the financial level. A personal injury claim takes all aspects of your losses into account, and can provide compensation for a wide variety of losses–otherwise known in the legal world as “damages”–that you have incurred after your accident. A successful personal injury claim can provide financial compensation for:

  • Medical expenses, including hospital stays, treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, and long-term care if you are permanently disabled after your accident;
  • Lost income and loss of earning capacity if you are permanently unable to work as a result of your injuries; 
  • Costs to repair or replace the vehicle that was damaged in your accident; 
  • Physical pain that you suffered both during and after your accident; and
  • Emotional trauma that you have endured as a result of your accident, such as depression, insomnia, or anxiety.

When you have been involved in a rollover accident, it’s critical to seek advice from a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Although the thought of getting involved in legal action may be the last thing on your mind, the time that you have to file a claim for injuries resulting from your accident is limited by laws called “statutes of limitations.” These laws place a strict time limit on how long a person has to bring legal action after a car accident. If you allow this time to pass without taking action, you forfeit your right to seek compensation.  

When you are involved in a rollover accident, it’s a pretty safe bet that one of the first phone calls that you receive will be from an insurance company. As soon as you hear from an insurance company, you should be on alert—even if the insurance company that contacts you is your own auto insurance carrier. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the insurance company is on your side, no matter how compassionate the representative on the other end of the phone sounds. 

When dealing with an insurance company after a rollover accident, it’s important to remember a few key facts: 

  • Your communications are being recorded. As soon as you pick up the phone to answer an insurance company’s phone call, your call is almost guaranteed to be recorded. Don’t fall for the old line that the phone call is being recorded for “quality assurance” or “training purposes”; in reality, there is only one reason that your phone calls are being recorded, and that is in hopes that you slip up and say something during your phone call that could negatively impact your claim. An insurance company will use your own words against you in a heartbeat if it will decrease the payout that the company has to provide after your accident.
  • Insurance paperwork is not made to benefit you. After you first hear from an insurance company, you’ll likely receive a stack of paperwork to sign and return to the representative. This should be another red flag, and you should be extremely careful about signing any paperwork from an insurance company. These documents are created by the insurance company itself, and you can guarantee that there’s not much—if anything—in these documents that is in your favor. Insurance companies love to prey on accident victims who are too shaken up, disoriented, or preoccupied with their injuries to read through these documents and understand the rights that they are giving up by signing this paperwork. Before signing any insurance company documents, no matter how innocent they may seem, it’s important to seek advice from an experienced personal injury attorney. 
  • Be wary of early settlement offers. When you speak to an insurance company after your rollover accident, you may be surprised at how quickly you receive a settlement offer for your injuries. Always be wary of a quick settlement offer, however—these offers are meant to coax injured victims into accepting a settlement amount that is far below what is necessary to fully compensate a person for his or her injuries. It may take days, weeks, or even longer after your car accident to realize the full extent of your injuries as some injuries like frequent headaches or chronic back pain can take weeks or even months to materialize. Once you accept a settlement offer, you can’t go back and ask for more, so it’s critical to ensure that you are well aware of the full extent of your injuries before accepting an offer. 
  • Insurance companies are a business. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it’s important to keep this fact in mind when dealing with an insurance company after a rollover accident. Representatives of these companies are trained to act with compassion and empathy. By the end of your phone call, you may feel that the representative has nothing but your wellbeing in mind. It’s important to remember, however, that an insurance company is still just that—a company. The main goal of any company is to be as profitable as possible. For insurance companies, this profitability is achieved by paying as little to injured accident victims as possible, even if a small payout is to the detriment of the customer. 

Although these tips can provide guidance on how to deal with an insurance company after a rollover accident, the best way to protect yourself from an insurance company’s tricks is to have as little communication with them as possible. When you are being represented by The Barber Law Firm, you can focus on healing without dealing with the hassle of the insurance process. Our personal injury team has years of experience in dealing with the games that insurance companies like to play, and will deal with the insurance companies for you so that you don’t have to worry about being taken advantage of. 

If you or a loved one are the victim of a rollover accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, don’t wait a second longer to seek the legal help you need and deserve. At The Barber Law Firm, our team of car accident attorneys are standing by to answer any questions that you have about the legal process following a rollover accident. With our legal team on your side, you can put your worries aside and focus on what’s really important after an accident–recovering to the fullest extent possible. At The Barber Law Firm, personal injury law isn’t just one of our practice areas–it’s our only practice area. Because of this, you can rest assured knowing that your case is being handled by an attorney who knows personal injury law backward and forward. 

When you entrust your car accident case into the hands of an attorney at The Barber Law Firm, you can be confident that your case is being handled by a legal team that has your best interests in mind. We’re dedicated to pursuing the justice you deserve with the passion and competency necessary to ensure your best chances of success. Our consultations are 100% free, so you have nothing to lose by speaking with an attorney after your accident. To learn more about your legal rights and the remedies available to you after a rollover accident, fill out an online case evaluation form or call 972-231-5800 today.

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Forming a strong case can be daunting. Not only are you recovering from your injuries, but you will need to collect and submit all documentation needed to establish a claim in order to receive the fair settlement you deserve. Our attorneys have considerable skill, knowledge, and experience with car accident claims. They will help you by working with you, the medical providers and the insurance companies so that you can focus on your recovery. The following will be reviewed by the insurance company when evaluating your claim:

  • Photographs of the scene of the accident, vehicle and other damage, and the injuries suffered
  • Recorded statements by those involved in the car crash, the police, and any witnesses
  • Hospital and medical provider bills and records

The best way to fight for your rights against insurance companies that seek to obtain the lowest possible settlement is to consult a personal injury attorney. Representing clients in Dallas, Fort Worth, and throughout the entire state of Texas, The Barber Law Firm will work for you to recover for your personal injuries due to an automobile, motorcycle, or truck accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence.


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