What is the role of workers’ compensation in a workplace accident?

Workers’ compensation plays a huge role in compensating victims of accidents in the workplace. In most cases, injured employees in Dallas-Fort Worth who are injured because of the negligence of an employer or coworker are limited to recovering benefits provided by workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance carried by most employers. It […]

How to File a Work Injury Claim

When you go into work each day, ideally there should be just one thing on your mind—the work you need to accomplish. Unfortunately, the reality is that everyone has so much going on that other distractions tend to also elbow in for a share of attention. Such distractions can lead to lapses in concentration, carelessness, […]

Non-Subscriber v. Work Comp Claims in Texas

Employers In Texas can choose whether to carry Worker’s Compensation insurance.  If they do not, then they are referred to as “non-subscribers.”  When employees are injured while working for non-subscribers, the claims are not handled in the Texas work comp system.  Rather, the employees normally have to hire an attorney to pursue compensation from the […]

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