What are my legal options if I am attacked on commercial property in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

If you are attacked on commercial property, such as a business’s parking lot or parking garage, or inside a hotel or a store in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, the business may be legally responsible for damages. Businesses are legally required to ensure that their property is safe. Business owners often choose to cut corners in the area of security. When that happens and a customer is harmed, he or she may be able to seek damages from the business owner under premises liability laws. A premises liability attorney can help. But here are a few points first.

Businesses typically have to take minimum steps to learn of dangerous conditions around the property, and to correct those dangers so their customers are not harmed. The most common types of attacks on business premises involve robberies, shootings, and rapes.

If a business owner fails to keep its customers safe, the business may be held liable for those injuries. There are some industry-accepted standards for businesses for appropriate lighting, supervision of the property, and other safety measures. If a business fails to take those steps, it may be held liable for negligence security. Negligent security can arise from a failure to: install video cameras, install appropriate locks, build a fence, ensure there is adequate lighting, run background checks on employees, or establish appropriate security policies and procedures. Victims of negligent security are entitled to compensation for their injuries. They may have significant medical bills. They may have undergone severe emotional trauma and could need intensive counseling or time off work.

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