What are the legal rights of injured truck drivers in Dallas?

There are a huge number of large commercial trucks on the roads in Dallas, transporting goods for consumers. Truck drivers may suffer from tight schedules, exhaustion, increasing amounts of pressure, and traffic snags, all of which can cause them to attempt to get their loads to the destination more quickly, which can lead to accidents.

Truck drivers who are injured in an accident in Dallas are entitled to compensation, regardless of whether or not the accident was their fault. Most injured truck drivers qualify for workers’ compensation, which will pay damages even if they are at fault for the accident. Workers’ compensation will provide money for medical expenses and a portion of lost wages.

If a third party, such as another driver on the roads, was the one responsible for the accident, the injured truck driver can sue that individual or business for damages as well. The negligent driver can be forced to pay for other damages that are not covered under workers’ compensation, such as pain and suffering.

The process of making a claim with either workers’ compensation or against a third party can be complex, and typically requires knowledge from an experienced attorney so that the claims are not denied. A qualified Dallas truck accident attorney can help ensure that the injured truck driver receives the benefits to which he or she is entitled. If you are a commercial truck driver and you have been injured in an accident in Dallas, call the big-rig attorneys at the Barber Law Firm. We can help. Call today to learn more or to schedule a free consultation.



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