What should I do if I am injured in an elevator accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area?

It’s been estimated that Americans take over 100 billion trips on elevators each year. While elevators are very convenient, if they are not properly maintained, they can cause serious accidents or even death. There are an estimated 10,000 serious injuries due to elevators in the United States, and dozens of people are killed.

Most of the injuries that occur in elevators happen while the passengers are getting in and out of the elevator. It’s common for people to trip and fall when entering or leaving an elevator, particularly if the car does not properly stop, and is therefore not aligned with the floor. Although most elevators have safety features designed to prevent doors from closing on a person, these safety features can sometimes malfunction, causing injuries. Elevators can sometimes rapidly drop, throwing passengers around and resulting in serious injuries.

The elderly and small children are most at risk of being injured in an elevator. Elderly individuals are more prone to be hurt in a fall, and over half of the elevator-related injuries that require medical attention and involve the elderly are due to trips or falls. Children are also at risk, and their injuries typically involve the arms, hands, or fingers.

Although there are strict laws regulating elevator safety and maintenance, in some cases those laws are ignored. If a person is injured in an elevator because of poor maintenance, or non-functioning safety features, the injured individual could have grounds for a personal injury case. The building owner, the elevator’s manufacturer, or the maintenance company could be held liable for injuries.

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