Defective Tires

Tires are absolutely crucial for the safe operation of a vehicle. Vehicle owners are responsible for tire maintenance, including replacing old tires, inflating tires, and performing alignments and rotations.  Sometimes, however, even if the vehicle owner does everything right to the tires, sometimes the tires have an internal defect, which can cause an accident.

A common problem that happens because of poor tire manufacturing is tread separation. The tread is the part of the tire that is on the outside and touches the road. The tread protects the belts and the inner liner of the tire. Tread separation sometimes occurs because of low quality adhesive materials that are used during the bonding process. When tread separation happens, the tread peels off the tire while driving. This can cause the vehicle to suddenly lurch to one side, which can be extremely dangerous, especially at high speeds or on crowded roadways.

Many consumers today find deals on tires on the Internet in an effort to save money, and have them installed at their local tire store. However, the consumer may not know what they are really getting. Those low-cost tires may be manufactured in countries that don’t have the same standards that the United States has.

In other situations, a driver’s tires are fine but the tires of other vehicles on the road cause an accident. This typically happens when a large truck’s tires separate, leaving very large pieces of tire tread on the road. This may cause other vehicles to swerve, which can cause an accident. A trucking company or the truck driver can be held liable for any accidents that occur as a result of their dangerous tires.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a defective tire or a truck’s tire tread, talk to The Barber Law Firm. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries, lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering and more.

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