If you’ve been in a car accident, your medical records can be very important if you need to pursue a case against the other driver or any insurance company. Those medical records include not only your medical treatment, but also things that you tell the doctor.

If you visit a doctor due to your injuries from a car accident, you should describe the accident in detail to the doctor. Explain where the impact to your vehicle came from and what direction you were thrown or where your body impacted the interior of the vehicle. You should also thoroughly describe your symptoms and physical condition since the accident.

Once a course of treatment is determined, it is important to follow the doctor’s directions and treatment plan. If you don’t feel comfortable with medication prescribed or a surgery or procedure that’s been ordered, you should get a second opinion. If you do not follow your doctor’s recommendations or you do not seek treatment soon after the accident, it may be denied later by the insurance company. Complete the entire course of treatment prescribed by your doctor. Discuss any future effects that may linger as a result of the accident, and get detailed information on the extent of your future disabilities.

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