Zalat’s Ghost Kitchen

Allen and McKinney will be getting a treat from Zalat Pizza through its ghost kitchen and third party apps according to a Dallas Morning News article from February 16 which reports, 


“Zalat Pizza is opening a ghost kitchen to serve up slices and pies in Allen. The new location, which opens March 7 at 950 W. Stacy Road, will only offer takeout through the company’s website or third party delivery apps.


The ghost kitchen will mark the 17th Zalat location in North Texas, according to a company representative.


“We are eager to offer a more convenient location for our fans living in the Allen and McKinney area who have been driving to surrounding cities such as Plano to get their Zalat fix,” Khanh Nguyen, CEO and founder of Zalat Pizza, said in a news release.”


Zalat Pizza became famous as a late night pizzeria and now, it houses more than a ton of new recipes according to a QSR Magazine article from February 15. In it they say,


The first Zalat opened on Fitzhugh Avenue in 2015 and quickly became Dallas’ favorite late-night pizzeria. Most everything is made from scratch (even the dough) to fresh sauce with oven-roasted Roma tomatoes and fresh basil. Zalat uses 100% beef pepperoni and the most delicious cheese they can get their hands on. In fact, the concept pays more for cheese than they do in rent every month!


Zalat prides itself on having pushed the envelope on traditional pizza recipes as well as continuing to be bold and inventive. All pizzas are taste-tested for months before they ever make it onto the menu. To ensure perfection they are cooked in old school deck ovens creating that magical balance between crispy and chewy. 

Before any pizza goes out the door, a Zealot always inspects it to ensure it meets Nguyen’s high standards and if it’s not up to par, they make it again. Once the pizza is deemed as worthy, a Zealot personally signs the box and the pizza makes its way to the customer.


A more recent addition to the menu is the Pepperoni Masterclass, Nguyen’s take on a classic pepperoni pizza. Nguyen explains, “We’ve become known for elevating the common pepperoni pizza with our Pepperoni Masterclass, pure pepperoni perfection with 100% beef pepperoni, oregano, black pepper and chopped garlic. Beyond the standards, however, we offer bold and inventive designs such as the Nashville Hot Chicken & Pickles, Pho Shizzle, Elote, Loaded Notato, Pineapple Express, and more. An equally famous and crave-able must have is our trademarked sauce, SriRANCHa – a combination of Sriracha and ranch dressing to create the perfect mind-blowing pizza dipping sauce!”


Zalat opened in Dallas back in 2015 as a traditional pizzeria that used traditional ovens and recipes. 

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