Plano’s Pax & Beneficia

A new cafe will be opening up in Plano’s Heritage Creekside and it will not just be limited to coffee and sweets according to a North Texas e-News article from June 30. They say, 


“Rosewood Property Company’s Heritage Creekside in Plano will add Pax & Beneficia to its diverse roster of dining options. The modern artisanal café offers drip, pour over and specialty coffee, plus sweet and savory bites. 


Pax & Beneficia combines quality sourced and prepared coffees, teas and eats with humanist values to create its welcoming atmosphere and flavorful menu. International influences can be savored and experienced through delicious house-made syrups; coffee beans sourced from Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala; and modern light-filled cafes located across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.”


What’s unique about this soon to open cafe is that its philosophy and and operation will focus on welcoming different cultures and products according to a Plano Magazine article from June 17 which reports, 


“Pax & Beneficia translates from Latin to peace and blessings and extending our carefully curated experience to Plano is a dream realized for us,” co-founder Mouyyad Addulhadi says. “Heritage Creekside is surrounded by a unique community of corporate offices, residential areas, trails and retail, so we know we can continue our mission to bring varieties of people together.”


Addulhadi and his partner/close friend Mamdouh Khayat conceived of the idea while riding on a train in Norway. Their concept was to combine humanist values and artisan coffee in a manner that would bring different people and cultures together.  They source coffee beans from around the globe including far-flung locales like Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala. The beans are roasted at Pax & Beneficia’s Grapevine roastery.

“Pax & Beneficia’s philosophy to provide a welcoming space for all aligns perfectly with Heritage Creekside’s live, work and play environment,” Rick Perdue, president or Heritage Creekside developer Rosewood Property Company, said. “We are always looking for just the right retail partners that will complement our existing mix of retailers and look forward to seeing them open their doors to the Plano community.”


Apart from the location in Plano, Pax & Beneficia also has other locations in Grapevine, Las Colinas and Fort Worth—making the Plano site their fourth location.


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