North Texas Food Bank Events Show that if You’ve Ever Thought About Volunteering, This is the Time

For some, like the dozens of volunteers with North Texas Food Bank (NTFB), record unemployment means record amounts of opportunities to volunteer in the community. Recently, our in-house local goings-on guru from our Dallas office curated images from various news sources of some of the food distribution events held by NTFB just down the road from us here at the firm. The non-profit food distribution organization in Plano has held 4 of these “mega distribution” events since the start of the year with “7,140 households served, 657,411 pounds of food given out, 547,843 meals provided, and over 30,000 individuals helped according to a recent statement by the organization.

The largely volunteer driven events which have been held at Fair Park have drawn  hundreds of cars at a time as can see in some of the photos below. Fair Park First and Spectra helped the North Texas Food Bank organization by working with with Dallas Police to create lanes to keep cars off the street for over a mile long line. Arrangements were also made for those without a car to receive food boxes by walk up.

The boxes, supplied by the Farmers to Families organization contained assortments of food items both perishable and non-perishable. According to Dr. Hawthorne, an event organizer, there was “A dry box with canned fruit and vegetables, beans, pasta, rice, trail mix, tuna. A produce box with apples, oranges, cabbage, peaches, plums and veg. 2 gallons of milk, and a dairy box with cheese, yogurt, butter, half and half, and cottage cheese.”

The North Texas Food Bank also operates mobile pantry distributions throughout 13 North Texas counties. Right now, the North Texas Food Bank is calling for volunteers to help with some of these mobile pantries. The images below highlight the impact that the impact of COVID has had on many households in Dallas which has been hard hit by the pandemic.

If you’re a community member in good health wishing to lend a hand, follow the link in the tweet below:


Photo by Smiley N. Pool for Dallas Morning News originally found here.





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