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Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle accident lawyer Kris Barber represents motorcycle accident victims, their families and friends who have suffered a death in the family or sustained serious bodily injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills because of the negligence of the driver of an automobiletruck, tractor trailer or other motorcycle or motor vehicle.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were 479 motor cycle fatalities in 2011, and 51% of those killed were not wearing a helmet. Because of a motorcyclists’s lack of physical protection, they are much more vulnerable to injuries in accidents. More often than not, motorcycle accidents occur because trucks or automobile drivers simply don’t see them. Low visibility, especially at night, is a real problem for motorcyclists, which is why it’s recommended that drivers check their blind spots not once, but twice when changing lanes.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident and would like to pursue legal action against a negligent driver, consult the motorcycle accident lawyers at The Barber Law Firm today for a FREE case evaluation.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, they can sometimes be hard to see, especially at night and in varying weather conditions. We recommend that motorcyclists follow these tips to stay safe on the roads:

  • Be as visible to other drivers as possible. Most motorcycle accidents are connected to low motorcycle visibility. By keeping your headlights on during the daytime, wearing reflective gear, and equipping your bike with a fairing or windshield, you will definitely increase the likelihood that other drivers will see you.
  • Get proper training. Motorcyclists who are well trained on how to ride and care for their bikes are statistically less likely to be involved in motorcycle accidents than riders who are self-taught. Training and experience may help you respond to a dangerous situation in time to avoid a collision.
  • Wear the right gear. Your best protection against a serious injury in a motorcycle accident will be your helmet. Helmets for motorcyclists are like seatbelts for drivers. Wearing a helmet is a simple way to reduce the likelihood that an accident you are involved in will be fatal. Wearing eye protection is also important. Wind and glare can reduce your ability to see and respond to an obstacle in your path. Gloves, appropriate footwear, leg guards and jackets limit abrasions when accidents do occur.

Though many motorcyclists take preventative action, accidents sometimes still occur. When that happens, you should take the appropriate measures to ensure your legal rights are protected by contacting a motorcycle accident lawyer.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash

Motorcycle-WreckDespite preventative actions taken by motorcyclists, accidents still occur, and the losses can be significant. The financial burden incurred through motorcycle accidents can be particularly great due to lost wages and expensive medical bills.

Dallas-Fort Worth motorcycle accident lawyer Kris Barber will fight for you and represent you for injuries that include, but are not limited to:

  1. Injuries requiring surgery, sutures, staples;
  2. Traumatic Brain Injury, including those caused by oxygen deprivation;
  3. Severe burns resulting in significant and permanent scarring;
  4. Mental anguish and emotional distress, death; and
  5. Those injuries caused by a collision with a driver that is drunk, impaired or otherwise under the influence of narcotics or drugs.

After a motorcycle crash, it’s important to take the following steps:

  • Call the police.
  • Get the contact and insurance information from the other driver.
  • Take pictures of any damage and injuries.
  • Seek medical treatment where appropriate.
  • Seek legal action.

Make sure you keep copies of all the medical and police documents detailing both the accident and your injuries. These will be beneficial should you choose to pursue legal action. If you do wish to file a claim, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at the Barber Law Firm. We’re here to protect our clients’ rights and to help them get the compensation they deserve for their injuries.

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