Luna’s Tortilla Bids Farewell

Luna’s Tortilla has expressed its gratitude towards the community as the family announced its closing by posting an image on their chalk menu board in a Facebook post from October 26 which followed a caption saying, 

“After 13 incredible years of operating our restaurant (9 on Harry Hines, 4 on Connector), this coming weekend will be our Last.  Rey Reyna on Saturday, Bad Hombre on Sunday. Thank you for the Loyalty, Friendship & Memories!”

Luna’s Tortillas Y Hacienda’s unfortunate and emotional closing was initially brought by the COVID-19 pandemic where they failed to recover despite relentless efforts to make a return according to a Dallas Morning News article from October 29 which says, 

“The company is one of the best-known tortilla factories in Dallas. The shop near Dallas Love Field sells tortillas to more than 60 restaurants and hotels. It was the restaurant that suffered most during the coronavirus pandemic, Luna says.

“We thought we could make a play with it and try to fight with the big boys in the restaurant business. It worked for a couple of years, and things have gone downhill steadily,” he says.

When Luna’s moved out of its longtime McKinney Avenue home, the family business relocated to Harry Hines Boulevard. That building caught fire, and they moved across the street. Then they moved again, to the current location on Connector Drive in the Loop 12-Interstate 35E corridor.”

In honor of Luna’s Tortilla Y Hacienda 13 year run and service to the community, a history of their founder and family’s hustle and humble beginning was narrated in a Facebook post from October 31 which reads, 

“Maria Luna was a widow with two small children when she arrived in Dallas’ Little Mexico. She talked her employer into selling an old corn grinder to her on credit. She had a plan to began her own tortilla making company back in 1923, but women in business didn’t mix with traditional Mexican culture and she had a hard time finding women that would work away from home. It wasn’t until 1925 that she was able to find women willing to leave their home and come to work in her little tortilla factory.

Maria began grinding corn for the Mexican people who lived in her area, but this was just the beginning of bigger ideas to come. In February of 1924 she started what would become Luna’s Tortilla Factory at 2209 Caroline St. The location is now a Dallas Landmark but back then it contained the hopes and dreams of a young family. With absolutely no knowledge of how to make tortillas Maria wisely hired and learned the process from other Hispanic women in her community. At years end she had employed as many as 25 women to make over 500 tortillas a day.

Over the next several years as business continued to grow the little tortilla factory would have to expand. Ever the hands-on type, Maria Luna helped plan and design the new facility located at 1615 McKinney Ave which would be the home of Luna’s Tortillas until August of 2007.”

The said Facebook post garnered 600 positive reactions from the people and was also able to get testimonies from people who encountered the Luna family and people who admired the restaurant itself. One commented,

“I was so lucky to get to know, love and spend wonderful times with Pancho and Alejandra and ALL their wonderful children, grand children and their families when I lived in Dallas! What a close knit and driven family to make that business what it is today”

Another man recalled, 

“I was very fortunate to have met Poncho Luna when I was in the Commerce Lions Club. He was everything this article said about him and more. He loved people. A very civic minded man.”

Meanwhile, one man praised

“These were the only tortillas that my Mom would buy. Wow, they were good!”

Another man commented in agreement, 

“Bought many a tortilla from this place. Great Salsa as well.”

While the closing of the 13-year-old restaurant is indeed heartbreaking especially since it had a remarkable and amazing history, the tortilla factory will remain open to make their famous and historical tortilla.

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