Forklift Accidents

Forklift accidents are not unusual for workers who are using forklifts in confined spaces. Unfortunately, when such an accident occurs, the injuries can often be very serious or fatal because of the weight and size of forklifts. According to recent statistics, over 90,000 injuries per year occur in theU.S.due to forklifts. In addition, about 100 people are killed each year in forklift-related accidents. The large number of forklift-related accidents is due in part to the fact that there are over a million forklifts being used daily in the U.S.

Fortunately, new technologies are being continually developed to help combat this problem. Some of those technologies include audible and visual alarms for forklifts that can warn of movement and infrared beams that sweep the forklift’s area when it’s moving.

In addition to installing new safety technologies, forklift owners or operators should be knowledgeable about forklift safety practices, such as:

  • It’s a violation of federal law for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone over the age of 18 who’s not trained in safety procedures to operate a forklift.
  • Before driving a forklift, do a pre-use inspection, looking for signs of sparks, overheating, tire pressure issues, controls working smoothly, leaks, and braking or steering issues.
  • Make sure that the surface on which you are driving the forklift is smooth and is capable of supporting the load.
  • Maintain control of your forklift at all times, and operate it only while you are in the seat.
  • Keep a safe distance from other forklifts.
  • Don’t allow anyone to walk or stand underneath elevated forks.
  • Make sure everything stacked on the forklift is safe and secure.

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