Fish from the Sky

After heavy rain and heavy winds stormed eastern Texas, residents from East Texas were surprised to see a lot of dead fishes were found falling from the sky according to a The Weather Network article from January 4 which reports, 

“Texas is accustomed to seeing deluges every so often, but the city of Texarkana saw something else fall from the sky other than water recently — scores of small fish.

Residents of the Texas city were caught off guard after spotting little fish falling from the sky in what may have appeared to some as a sign of an impending cataclysmic event.

Some of the residents were puzzled by the event. Speaking with CNN affiliate KSLA, Tim Brigham thought it was “pretty cool” to see small fish falling from the sky and practical, too. He told the media outlet that he “started to get me a bucket and pick them up for fishing bait.” Staff from a local auto shop cleaned up its parking lot’s unexpected fishy platter. (

Meanwhile, other residents dispensed photos of their backyard discoveries after the city’s asked them to “show us your fishy pics” in its Facebook post. Most that were displayed were smaller than the palm of the photographer’s hand.”

Experts tried to explain how the fishes were able to come up to the sky and fall like rain, according to a Dallas Morning News article from January 2. They say, 

“Experts say that the phenomenon can occur when waterspouts pick up small marine life, such as fish or frogs, into the sky before they are dropped below.

But there is no evidence of waterspouts or severe flooding in Texarkana that explains what was reported Wednesday, according to National Weather Service meteorologists.

Brandon Thorne, a meteorologist for NWS Shreveport, said a line of thunderstorms moved through Texarkana on Wednesday afternoon, but added that no warnings were issued in connection to the storms.

When residents started calling in about fish falling from the sky — dozens according to at least one report — Thorne said the weather service looked into conditions in the area, and what may have caused the phenomenon.”

Residents are being asked to take precautionary measures since these phenomenal events of falling fishes can cause serious unwanted injuries and accidents.

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