Deffective Product Attorney in Dallas

Vehicle accidents often occur because of defective equipment. Defective products are those that were improperly designed or manufactured, or those that failed to display an adequate warning. When those failures lead to accidents, the manufacturer may be liable for any injuries sustained. To learn if you might have a viable case, consult the defective product lawyers at the Barber Law Firm. Our team of expert attorneys and legal staff will help you through the legal process and will ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Defective Products Often Found in Vehicles

Seat Belts – One of the most important safety features in an automobile are the seat belts. They lessen the impact of passengers inside the car and prevent anyone from being ejected from the vehicle. If there is a defect with the seat belt’s design, production, or installation, it can cause serious injuries.

Tires – Quality tires allow drivers to maintain control on different kinds of terrain and in varying weather conditions without risk of collision or rolling over. Defective tires, such as those with tread separation, are susceptible to blowouts and may cause injuries or fatalities.

Air Bags – Should a car wreck occur, drivers rely on air bags to prevent their bodies from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard at a high impact. If deployed correctly, the air bags will cushion the blow and prevent head trauma. Defective air bags may not deploy quickly enough or deploy too quickly and with too much force, causing more harm than good.

What Barber Law Firm Can Do for You

At Barber Law, we understand the importance of the design, installation, and efficiency of every part of your vehicle. Whether it’s the seat belts, tires, or air bags, cars should have quality, reliable products installed. If you suspect a defective product is the reason for your injuries, contact the Barber Law Firm to discuss your legal options. For most cases we take on, we work on acontingent basis, meaning we only get paid if you do, and we offer FREE case evaluations for all our legal services.

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