Dallas Zoo Celebrates Milestones

Staff and employees of Dallas Zoo are very delighted with their new milestones for this month and one of the milestone includes the birth of a new baby Zebra according to a Dallas Morning News article from March 22 which reports, 


“The Dallas Zoo’s zebra family has grown by one.


Wanda, a Hartmann’s mountain zebra, gave birth to a boy on March 11, the zoo said on Facebook this week


The unnamed zebra weighs 60 pounds, the zoo said.


He is the third Hartmann’s mountain zebra to be born at the zoo under the species survival plan created through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, which accredits the Dallas Zoo.


The zoo said the new zebra will continue spending time bonding with his mom, Wanda, behind the scenes before he will be on public display.”


Meanwhile, a lion called Bahati also made a milestone as he reaches his 5th birthday according to a CW33 article from March 17. They say, 


“St. Patrick’s Day isn’t the only holiday the Dallas Zoo is celebrating today. It is also one of its animal’s birthdays on Thursday.


According to the zoo, Bahati the lion turns 5-years-old this St. Patrick’s Day, March 17.

The zoo gave her some special love on Twitter today, tweeting out a clip of Bahati enjoying her birthday gifts from zookeepers.


“Bahati was treated to some brightly-colored ice treats, ground meat, and a pride-favorite, whipped cream. She was sweet enough to share with Izwi, Kijani & Jasiri too. Help us wish Bahati a very Happy Birthday,” zoo officials said in the tweet.”


Last but not the least, the twin cub tigers have just passed their first swim test, making them appear to be ready to explore their new habitat according to a CW33 article from March 17 which states, 


“Back at the beginning of the year, the zoo announced the names of the two cubs, Nety and Rudi, after conservationists who help save critically endangered Sumatran tigers. Now, they’re growing up before their very eyes, and the public’s eyes too. 


The Dallas Zoo says, “Nety & Rudi passed their swim test today, which means they’re ready to explore the full tiger habitat! Since the tiger habitat includes a water feature, zoologists have to be sure the cubs are able to enter and exit the water safely. These brave cubs were excellent swimmers!”


A lot of people are very delighted to hear such milestones especially in the midst of the pandemic and they are expecting to see these wonderful creatures very soon since the end of the pandemic is already in sight and rules and protocols are starting to relax. 

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