Pedestrians who are involved in an accident with an automobile in Wylie typically have very severe injuries. If you have been involved in an accident as a pedestrian with an automobile that was caused by the driver’s negligence, you should speak with a Wylie pedestrian accident attorney.

Pedestrians involved in collisions with automobiles typically have severe injuries, since they do not have the protection of an automobile. A study of pedestrian – automobile collisions found that the most common type of severe injury to pedestrians was head injuries, followed by injuries to the chest and abdomen, followed by injuries to extremities. The study found that the vehicle speed and the age of pedestrian play a big role in both severity of injuries and the likelihood of survival.

Close to 5,000 pedestrians are killed each year, and about 70,000 are injured in accidents with automobiles. The majority of those accidents occur in urban areas, but pedestrians in rural areas who are struck by an automobile are more likely to be killed, most likely because of the higher speeds in rural areas.

If you have been injured in an automobile accident in Wylie as a pedestrian, you have the burden of proving that the driver of the automobile was negligent and that negligence resulted in your collision. An attorney can help you build your case by ordering medical records, talking to eyewitnesses, photographing the scene of the accident, hiring accident reconstruction experts, and securing surveillance video from the accident scene.

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