The City of Dallas announced that a fatal accident occurred at the Maple District Lofts, which is an apartment building that is under construction. The worker fell from a higher floor of the four story building on Maple Avenue. Emergency workers responded but the worker was pronounced dead at the scene. Construction managers did not provide any further details about the accident. Federal investigators will determine the cause of the fall.

Construction is a dangerous field for its workers. One of the biggest dangers of construction is the possibility of falls. Falls can occur from roofs, ladders, scaffolds, lifts, or into holes or basements. Workers offer suffer very serious injuries, such as broken feet, legs, or ankles, back injuries, paralysis, or even death. These injuries can require many surgeries and a great deal of time to fix.

If you have been injured on the job, you have legal rights against your employer. In most cases in which there has been an accident at work, the injured worker has the right to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation pays for lost wages and medical expenses. The injured worker may also be able to file a lawsuit – in some cases against the employer, and in other cases against a third party who was responsible for the accident.

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