Workers’ compensation plays a huge role in compensating victims of accidents in the workplace.
In most cases, injured employees in Dallas-Fort Worth who are injured because of the negligence
of an employer or coworker are limited to recovering benefits provided by workers’

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance carried by most employers. It provides benefits
for injured employees. It pays a portion of wages for injured employees, the medical expenses
for injured employees, and a lump sum payment to workers who have been permanently disabled
as a result of their injury. Workers’ compensation benefits are statutory and apply regardless of
who caused the accident, including yourself. Typically, if an employer carries workers’
compensation insurance, the employer cannot be held liable for any damages caused by a
workplace accident.

When another party other than an employer or a co-worker causes or contributes to an injury,
you are entitled to pursue civil damages for any damages that are not covered by workers’
compensation. Some examples of parties that you could possibly pursue a case against include
equipment manufacturers or subcontractors. Normally, you must prove that the party was
negligent and that their negligent actions caused your injuries.

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