In Houston last week, a cab driver was transporting two passengers from a dialysis center when he crashed into a stalled tractor trailer, killing both passengers. The driver was injured in the wreck. According to witnesses, the driver was speeding and weaving before veering off the road and into the truck.

Taxi companies, as well as bus companies, passenger trains, airlines, and other transportation companies, are called common carriers under the law. Common carriers must use a high standard of care for their passengers. In many cases, taxi companies can be held liable for the actions of their drivers, especially if it can be shown the company was negligent in hiring the driver. In many cases, a driver may have a bad driving record but have been hired anyway.

It can often be difficult to determine liability in a taxi cab accident or other common carrier accident. In some situations, cab drivers own their own cabs, so they are solely responsible for damages in an accident. In other situations, taxi drivers rent their cabs from the cab owner, and both the driver and the company can be held liable. In some cases, the cab companies own the taxis and employ the drivers, which means the cab companies are liable for the actions of the taxi driver. If the accident was caused by a manufacturer’s defect with the vehicle, or by the actions of another driver, another party could be held liable for the accident.

Taxi accidents can be difficult to litigate. It may be hard to determine which party is responsible, or finding which insurer against which to pursue a claim. If you have been involved in a taxi accident or an accident with another common carrier, contact Dallas accident attorney Kris Barber. He will work hard on your behalf to determine the responsible party and to hold that party accountable for your injuries. Call him today at 817-527-8833 to learn more.