The following is a list of suggestions regarding what you should do after a Texas auto or truck accident.

1. Call 911.

Call 911 immediately, whether or you feel it is necessary or not. They will alert the police and emergency personnel for you.

 2. Gather information.

Make sure that you obtain the all of the information about the drivers involved in the car accident. Here is the information you will need: · Their name, address and home telephone phone number · Their employer’s name and a work phone · The make, model and year of his or her car · The name of the registered owner of the car · The other driver’s insurance company name, agent name and policy number · Note any statements the driver makes to you about the accident.

3. Find witnesses

As quickly as possible your should obtain the names, addresses and/or phone numbers from any witnesses to the car accident. Many times people will leave the scene once they understand that the police and ambulance have been called often without leaving their names or phone numbers. This could cause critical witness to be lost forever.

4. Do not take fault

It is important that you do not make any comments at the scene of the accident to other persons such as how the accident happened, the rates of speed or any other comments concerning the accident. Comments by you at the scene of the accident will always be used against you when your lawyer seeks to settle the accident case or at the trial of your car accident injury case.

 5. Seek medical assistance

If you are not taken by ambulance to a hospital then make sure that you go to an emergency room for a physician to evaluate you immediately. Many people feel fine at the accident scene but develop serious pain and further injury later. Adrenaline caused by the accident can hide pain and the full extent of your injuries.

6. Do not give a recorded statement until contacting an attorney 

Never give a telephone, written or recorded statement to any insurance company . Do not give a statement to any employees, representatives, investigators for any insurance company. To protect your rights you should discuss with a lawyer how to make a statement.

7. Seek counsel

Contact an attorney that handles these type of cases. It is true that car accident claims may be settled without attorney representation, but Texas law related to accident injuries is complex and can change. Insurance companies are experts and are aware of the rules, while most car accident victims are not. The insurance company does not and probably will not explain this to you. An attorney represents you by researching and analyzing the facts regarding your claim. Lawyers also prepare the legal documents, gather medical records, work with your health care providers and help negotiate a fair settlement.

If you have been involved in an auto accident in Plano, Frisco, Allen, or the surrounding areas, an experienced-local accident injury attorney can help you.

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