A Dallas firefighter’s death this week shined a light on serious problems that can arise when property owners fail to keep their property in a safe condition. The firefighter was tragically killed when he fell through a second story roof of an apartment building that was on fire. Two separate fires began at the complex, and both were allegedly attributable to electrical problems.

Tenants of the complex said that had maintenance problems been fixed, neither the fires nor the roof accident would have occurred. Tenants had complained about the electrical problems in the past, and a 2010 inspection found problems with the roof.

Under Texas law, tenants have the right to demand that the landlord repair any condition that materially affects their health and safety. By renting the property, the landlord guarantees that the unit will be a fit place to live. You may, however, agree with the landlord that you will make some needed repairs. Also, the landlord doesn’t have a duty to make repairs if you caused them through an accident, abuse, or anything other than normal wear and tear.

If the landlord fails to make repairs to protect your safety, you should notify the landlord by registered mail. The landlord should then make an effort to repair the property within a reasonable time. If the repairs do not occur, you may be entitled to terminate the lease, fix the problem and deduct the expense from your rent, or get a court order demanding the repairs be made.

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