A 24 year old woman who took an Uber ride after a night out with friends in Dallas and ended up a paraplegic, sued both Uber and Honda for her injuries. The woman was on a break from college and was out with friends and called for an Uber ride. She and her friends got in a Honda Odyssey minivan. On the drive, the Uber driver ran a red light. The van was hit by a Ford F-150, which then fled the crash scene. The van flipped and the woman broke her spinal column in the accident.

The woman is now a paraplegic and is paralyzed from mid-chest down. She lives with her parents and they provide her with medical care. Police did not charge the Uber driver but did charge the driver of the Ford F-150 for causing an accident that resulted in serious bodily injury.

The woman and her parents recently sued Uber, Honda, the Uber driver, and the owner of the van the Uber driver drove. The lawsuit alleges that Honda and Uber failed to provide the woman with the safety she expected, and as a result, she faces a lifetime of disability. The lawsuit also alleges that the Uber van owner was uninsured.

According to Uber, they require background checks on their drivers and will not hire drivers who have had any convictions in the last seven years for felonies, driving-related offenses, and other offenses. The Uber driver and the van’s owner were arrested on misdemeanor charges involving gambling and drug possession in 2014. The lawsuit alleges that Uber should have excluded the driver based on those arrests.

This accident illustrates what can happen when employers fail to perform proper background checks on potential employees or independent contractors. If you have been in an accident in the Dallas area because of the negligence of a company, call the Dallas personal injury attorneys at the Barber Law Firm. They can help. Call them today at 972-231-5800 to schedule a free consultation.