A couple was killed on their motorcycle in Aubrey by an individual who was suspected to be a drunk driver. A 52-year-old man and his fiancé were riding their motorcycle on Highway 377 when a man swerved his pickup truck in order to make an illegal U-turn. The motorcycle driver slammed on his brakes to avoid the truck but crashed into its side. The driver of the pickup truck tried to leave the scene, but witnesses helped police catch him.

The driver of the truck was charged with two counts of intoxication manslaughter. He was arrested three times in Denton County previously. Two of those arrests were for DWI open container. No comment has been issued on how the previous cases were resolved, and why the driver was still allowed to be on the roads.

These deaths at the hands of a likely drunk driver are very tragic, but not at all unusual. About 10,000 people are killed in the U.S. every year at the hands of drunk drivers, which accounts for almost a third of automobile fatalities. There is no valid excuse or justification for any drunk driver to ever get behind the wheel. Massive amounts of money over several decades have been poured into educating the public about the dangers of drinking and driving. In addition, improved technology has made it easier than ever to find a ride home.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a drunk driver, you should speak with a personal injury attorney. The criminal justice system may punish the driver criminally, but that will not help you with your financial and emotional damages. Unfortunately, in many cases, drunk drivers have little or no insurance, but there may be other ways to recover for your injuries.

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