Eight inmates and two guards were killed in a prison bus crash in Odessa last week. The bus was traveling from a prison in Abilene to a prison in El Paso, when it crashed about 250 miles from its destination.

The accident occurred when a state Department of Criminal Justice bus skidded on an icy overpass and slid down an embankment. The bus skidded directly into a passing Union Pacific freight train. The prisoners on the bus did not have seat belts, and were handcuffed together in pairs. They were not wearing leg restraints at the time of the accident. Some of the prisoners were ejected from the bus after it hit the train. Although the accident is currently under investigation, it’s believed that ice on the road caused the accident. The prisoners were serving sentences ranging from one year to 20 years for drug dealing. One additional corrections officer and three more inmates were hospitalized in critical condition.

Crashes involving large buses are often deadly, because many of the buses do not have seat belts for passengers. Bus crashes can be caused by reckless driving, bad weather, defective bus equipment, poor maintenance, or dangerous roads.  Those who are injured in bus accident crashes have the right to compensation for their injuries. There may be multiple parties at fault, such as the bus driver, the bus management company, other drivers, or the bus company. In cases such as this one, where a public bus is involved, governmental entities can be held liable as well.

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