A 55 year old Dallas man was struck and killed while crossing the street on Sunday morning in Lake Highlands. The driver kept going with the man’s body lodged underneath the car, dragging him along the pavement. The victim’s shoes were left at the point of impact.

A witness who saw the accident followed the driver, who parked his severely damaged car several thousand feet from the accident. He left the car and ran away. Another man saw a runner and was suspicious because the man did not appear to be a typical jogger – he appeared to be trying to get away from something. The police were called and the man was taken into custody. He was charged with Accident Involving Death, which is a second-degree felony.

In cases involving a pedestrian death, the pedestrian’s family has legal rights. First, they should work with the criminal justice system to ensure that the driver is punished to the maximum extent possible. Also, the family should seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. In some cases, a lawsuit may not make sense – if the driver has no insurance and no assets, it would not make financial sense to sue him or her. In other cases, though, the wrongdoer has a significant amount of assets and a personal injury lawsuit is a good way to punish the wrongful driver, as well as to be compensated for your loss.