If you have been harmed in an accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you are probably concerned about providing for your expenses after the accident, and whether or not you will have to pay any of these expenses out of your own pocket. You may also have missed work and could be in pain, and that could also cause you additional expenses as well as missed opportunities.

The purpose of damages in a personal injury lawsuit is to compensate the accident victim. Damages are intended to help to make the victim whole again, and in some cases exist to punish the defendant who caused the accident.

There are a number of types of damages available in personal injury lawsuits. Some types of damages are as follows:

  • Medical expenses. The most common form of compensation in a personal injury case is medical expenses. Victims can receive compensation for medical expenses related to the accident, as well as future medical expenses.


  • Property damage. If your property was damaged in an accident, you can obtain compensation for your damages. You normally would receive the difference in what the property was worth before the accident and what it was worth after the accident. If the property is destroyed, you can receive fair market value for the item.


  • Lost wages. If you miss work because of the accident, you can receive your lost compensation.


  • Loss of earning capacity. If your injury is permanent, you can seek damages for the loss of future earnings. You must be able to show the amount of wages you would have been able to earn over a determined length of time.


  • Wrongful death. If injury results in death, family members of the deceased can seek compensation for the loss of their loved one.


  • Punitive damages. In some cases, the court can issue punitive damages. Punitive damages exist to punish the defendant. Not all cases are eligible for punitive damages – normally, the wrongdoing must involve gross negligence or malicious intent.

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