Two people were killed at a company near the Dallas Executive Airport by a forklift. They were working with a load in the back of a truck when an unmanned forklift ran over them. Tragically, the men died at the scene.

Unfortunately, forklift accidents are not uncommon. It’s estimated that approximately 100 people are killed in forklift accidents each year. In addition, another 20,000 people are seriously injured by forklifts. About 35,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for forklift accidents each year in the U.S.

Most of those accidents could be prevented by proper training and by following safety procedures while operating the forklift. About 25 percent of forklift deaths are caused by forklift overturns, which can occur when the forklift is overloaded or unbalanced, or if it drives off of a raised surface. Forklift accidents can also occur when the driver isn’t paying attention, the forklift is operating on wet surfaces, and when untrained people use the forklift.

Employers are responsible for training their employees on how to use the forklift. It is a violation of federal law for anyone under the age of 18 to use a forklift. It’s also illegal for anyone who is over the age of 18 who isn’t trained and certified to use a forklift. If an employer fails to instruct its employees on proper forklift procedures, the employer can be held liable for all medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other expenses that occur as a result of an accident.