A chain reaction accident shut down part of I-30 in west Dallas last weekend. The accident left two motorcyclists in critical condition. An accident occurred, and several motorcycles were unable to stop and crashed into the first accident scene. An investigation is underway.

Tragically, approximately 5,000 motorcyclists are killed every year and over 80,000 are injured in accidents in the U.S. Over the last several decades, the majority of motorcycle fatalities have occurred because of multiple vehicle crashes, such as occurred in this accident. When a motorcyclist is hit by an automobile, typically the motorcyclist suffers serious injuries because of the lack of protection that a motorcycle provides. Some common injuries include broken bones, cuts, back and neck injuries, brain injuries, and in some cases death.

A motorcycle accident can result in substantial medical expenses as well as an inability to work. This can cause a significant financial impact for the injured cyclist and his or her family. A study performed about 10 years ago which looked at the costs of motorcycle accidents found that the average cost for hospital charges for motorcycle accidents was over $65,000, and does not include the costs to the individual after he or she is released from the hospital.

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