Two construction workers were killed on Saturday in a tragic accident on the University of Texas at Dallas campus. A crane was being dismantled when it collapsed. Witnesses said that they saw it tip over when a big gust of wind came through. The men were working on the construction site when the crane hit them, killing them.

The crane was being used on the construction of an arts and technology building, which was scheduled to be completed next year. The construction company overseeing the project is working closely with local authorities and OSHA to investigate the accident.

Unfortunately, crane accidents aren’t rare. Between 1992 and 2006, 632 construction workers were killed in crane-related accidents. The most common types of accidents involving cranes that caused fatalities were crane collapses, workers being hit by loads falling from the crane or being hit by the crane itself, electrocution, workers falling from cranes, or workers being caught between crane parts.

Most crane accidents occur from user error. The number one error that accounts for worker fatalities is using a crane on an unstable, icy or uneven surface. The second most common error is overloading a crane.

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