Truck Accident in Dallas Reinforces the Need for Personal Injury Lawyers

A recent truck accident in Dallas was responsible for the lives of two highway drivers on the LBJ freeway in Dallas. The crash occurred when a dump truck went over the median and pinned two vehicles heading the opposite direction. While authorities have not yet discovered the reasons behind the incident, this tragic crash was sure to have impacted both families and fellow drivers on the road that day. Our personal injury specialists here at Barber Law Firm of Texas can focus on truck crash cases such as these.

Gaining Closure

If you or a loved one has been in a truck accident similar to this, you likely understand the grief, pain, and loss that can come during such incidents. Not only do such accidents have costs involved as far as vehicle replacement and repair, doctor’s bills, and transportation costs, but there is also a need to make up for the loss of time and feelings of grief and pain. Settling car accident cases can help you and your family to gain full closure on the situation.

Just Compensation

When such an accident occurs, there are many costs involved for reparation of damages. If you have had a truck accident in Dallas, but have not been justly compensated for your time or losses, call us here at the Barber Law Firm to see what can be done to get just compensation. We can be reached by phone at 214-382-9600. While monetary value cannot be placed on the loss of a loved one or the pain felt by injury, some justice can be served by receiving compensation for your time and the costs of repair or doctor’s bills.

Source: CBS, “Dump truck crash closes LBJ freeway in Dallas,” Sep. 10, 2013