Automobile accidents are on the rise. The number of car crashes in the U.S. has been increasing every year. In 2015, there were almost 6.3 million car accidents, which is up from about 5.3 million in 2011.

There are a number of reasons for the large increase in car accidents, but the most alarming reason is distracted driving. A recent survey found that a majority of people admitted to driving while distracted in the past year. The biggest source of distractions for most people is a cell phone. About two-thirds of Americans who have driven in the past year admitted to using a cell phone. Among those who used a cell phone while driving, 38 percent had texted while driving, which has been banned in 46 states.

It’s unclear how much cell phone use is to blame for accidents. It’s believed that cell phones and how they contribute to accidents may be underreported. In most accidents, a driver must admit a cell phone was used for it to become a part of a police report. If cell phone use while driving is not illegal in the area, police officers may not report cell phone use. Also, if an investigation later finds that a cell phone contributed to an accident, crash reports are often not updated to reflect cell phone use.

Although cell phone use is the biggest distraction while driving, it’s far from the only distraction. Over half of drivers admitted to eating behind the wheel. Others are distracted by caring for children or personal grooming.

This huge increase in traffic accidents in a four-year period is alarming. Many drivers believe they are invincible behind the wheel. They may also be influenced by what they see other drivers doing around them. If you are ever in the vehicle with another driver, and that driver begins using a cell phone, say something. In addition, if you have a problem with distracted driving, there are a number of apps that can help.

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