Three hit and run automobile accidents occurred in the Dallas area over the course of one recent weekend. The first accident occurred when a 27-year-old man ran a red light, slamming into a car turning at an intersection. The person in that car later died. The driver who ran the red light took off on foot. Police later found him at a convenience store.

A second hit and run occurred at I-20 near Polk Street. A car hit an SUV, forcing it to flip, killing one inside the vehicle and injuring another person. The third hit and run occurred in Denton, where a driver on I-35 spotted a body lying in the center median. Police believe that he was walking on the road at night when a car hit him and threw him between two concrete barriers where he could not easily be seen.

Hit and run accidents can be among the most serious accidents in terms of severity of injuries. The drivers in hit-and-run accidents not only cause damage and injuries to others, they also leave their victims without a way of obtaining compensation for the accident. Leaving the scene of an automobile accident in which there are injuries is against the law. However, it happens on a daily basis. According to AAA, over 10 percent of car accidents involve hit-and-run drivers. In many cases, hit and run drivers may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, may be driving illegally without a license or insurance, or may simply panic and not know what to do.

If the driver in a hit and run accident is never found, it does not mean that the victims cannot obtain financial compensation for their damages. If a victim has uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance policy, they can recover compensation for damages to their vehicle and compensation for their injuries. This coverage can pay for medical expenses, lost wages, damage to the vehicle, and even pain and suffering.

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