Late last month a Texas nurse was killed while trying to rescue a woman from a hiking trail in Austin. The woman, who was 46, was on a hoist on a medical helicopter when the fall occurred. The nurse had secured the patient in a carrier and the two were suspended from the helicopter when the hoist began spinning. The spinning had almost stopped when the operator of the hoist inside the helicopter noticed that the nurse was riding lower than normal. She then fell from the hoist and died at the scene. The woman who was rescued was taken to an area hospital with injuries that were not life threatening.

STAR Flight, which operated the medical helicopter, did not release any information about how the accident occurred, or how far the nurse fell. The company has four helicopters it uses for rescues and emergency transport in the county. The helicopters typically carry three personnel – the pilot, a nurse or a rescuer, and a hoist operator. Typically, the nurse uses a harness system. Immediately after the accident, the rescue company voluntarily ceased operations. The company says that safety comes first with the company, and that it’s unclear how the accident happened.

This accident, while extremely tragic, is one of many that will occur in the workplace this year. In 2013, there were 493 workplace fatalities in Texas, which is the most workplace fatalities of any state in the U.S. Nationwide, there were 4,585 on-the-job deaths. Individuals who are killed or seriously injured at work may be entitled to workers’ compensation or compensation from a personal injury lawsuit.

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