On April 6, the Texas House approved a bill that would allow the speed limit on some Texas highways to be 85 miles per hour. The Senate is also considering a similar bill.

The new speed limit of 85 would be the highest in the nation. The vote was passed as part of a large transportation bill. The bill authorized the Texas Department of Transportation to raise the speed limit on certain lanes or entire roads after traffic studies and engineering studies were performed.

There are currently over 520 miles of interstate highways in Texas with a speed limit of 80. Automobile insurers are against the measure for safety reasons. Insurance officials claim that increasing the speed limit to 85 will have a big impact on the death and injury rate on highways where the speed limit is raised. They claim that even if the speed limit was increased only on low traffic, flat roads, 85 is simply too fast a speed at which to travel safely. According to the Transportation Department, they haven’t studied the safety data or the speed data the legislation requires in order to raise the speed limit.

Although it is tempting to drive on Texas highways at high rates of speed, especially on those highways with little traffic, increased speeds are dangerous. Accidents are more likely to occur when drivers are speeding.  Accidents that occur at high rates of speed are also more likely to cause serious injuries or deaths than those that occur at lower speeds.

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