More people than ever before are using social media as a way to stay connected with family and friends. Many of those who use social media forget that the information they post is either public or can be made public at a later date. Unfortunately for some of those users, information posted on social media sites has proved damaging for lawsuits the parties were involved in.

Although social media websites are relatively new, there are already numerous instances of individuals whose personal injury lawsuits were damaged or ruined by posting information online. For example, a woman who sued an office furniture company after falling off an office chair claimed she suffered serious injuries and was confined to her home and bed. However, the furniture company saw that on her Facebook and MySpace pages, from the limited information she had made public that she appeared to have an active lifestyle. A judge later ordered the plaintiff to give the defendant access to her private Facebook and MySpace postings.

As social media continues to become more prevalent, we should see more and more cases like this. Social media can not only damage a personal injury lawsuit – there have also been published cases of debt collectors using Facebook to find debtors, although many courts have banned them from doing so. Facebook can also be a gold mine of information for divorce lawyers. If you are using social media, be smart about it. Be aware that everything you post ultimately has the potential to be made public.

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