Six Flags’ Death Puts Amusement Park Safety in Spotlight

Last month, a tragic death occurred at Six Flags in Arlington. The death occurred when a woman fell out of the Texas Giant, a large roller coaster, and died upon impact. Some bystanders alleged that the victim was complaining about her seat mechanism not being tight enough.

According to officials, there have been 14 injuries connected to the Texas Giant. However, most of those injuries involved bruises and strains that arose as a result of jostling. The woman’s family is said to be in talks with attorneys about proceeding with a wrongful death case. An investigation into the matter is ongoing and will take two weeks to complete. The ride is currently closed and will remain closed until the investigation is complete.

Fortunately, most roller coasters are very safe. According to statistics, the odds of being seriously injured or killed on an amusement park ride are only one in 24 million. The last death that occurred at Six Flags Over Texas, which opened in 1961, happened in 1999, when a raft capsized and a woman drowned.

If you are planning on visiting an amusement park, the odds are great that you will not be injured on any amusement park ride. However, there are some safety measures you can take that will increase the chances that you aren’t injured. First, obey all safety rules. If the signs say a child must be 42” to ride, don’t insist that your 40” child be allowed to ride. Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times, and always make sure that your safety latches, belts and bars are properly tightened. If you are pregnant or have health problems, make sure that it’s safe for you to ride each ride before boarding.

While you are at an amusement park, you should also take other precautions to prevent other problems from occurring. Use plenty of sunblock on sunny days, and be sure to stay well hydrated. Keep your children close at hand and safely secure your belonging to prevent theft. Make a note of where the first aid stations are in the event you need them.