The Dallas area was in for a nice treat on Christmas Day – the Dallas area was blanketed with a layer of snow between two and four inches. The storm moved fast and resulted in a lot of slippery roads that road crews couldn’t clear fast enough.  Unfortunately, although the crews tried to quickly clear the roads and to prevent snow and ice from sticking, by Christmas night hundreds of accidents had been reported. Some roads and entrance and exit ramps were closed in order to prevent more accidents.

Many Dallas-area drivers aren’t used to driving in ice and snow. The best thing you can do if it’s snowing or there are icy roads is to avoid driving at all. If you have to drive in it, here are some tips you can follow:

–          Try to wait until the snow plows have had a chance to do their work before you drive.

–          Leave yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination.

–          If you anticipate driving in icy or snowy weather, and you have little or no experience driving in those conditions, practice in a snowy, open parking lot. This will prepare you for how your vehicle will react.

–          Leave plenty of room between yourself and the next vehicle – experts recommend leaving three times the amount of space that you normally allow.

–          Brake very gently.

–          Turn on your lights, even during the day.

–          Make sure your windshield is clean and that your windshield wipers are operational.

–          Be very careful on bridges and overpasses, as well as on less-traveled roads.

–          Keep an emergency kit in your vehicle.

–          Make sure your tires are in good condition before driving – bald tires plus icy roads equals an accident waiting to happen.

We hope you stay safe out there! If you have been involved in an accident due to ice, snow, or other winter weather in the Dallas area, call the Dallas automobile accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. We will help you obtain compensation for your accident.