A car repair shop in Richardson has been accused of allowing customer’s vehicles to be driven for personal use. A woman in Plano found out that her car, which was in the shop to be repaired, was in an accident in Mesquite. Ironically, the shop has a sign outside labeling the shop as “the ones to trust”.

A customer left her 2002 Volkswagen Passat at the shop for major repairs. She got a call from an insurance agency notifying her that the car had been involved in an accident. The manager admitted driving it but denied that it had become his personal vehicle – instead, he claimed he was testing it. The manager claims that the owner of the car had abandoned the car at the shop because of a $3,000 bill that she believed was more than the car was worth. Although the accident that occurred was 17 miles away from the shop, the manager of the shop said that he had driven it that far to pick up a part that was needed.

It’s not uncommon for drivers involved in automobile accidents to try to skirt responsibility for the accident. They may choose to deny that they were responsible for an accident, or in some cases deny that an accident even occurred. However, anyone whose vehicle is damaged in an accident or who suffers injuries in an accident has the right to compensation. The compensation can legally include money for medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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