Car AccidentMost people usually assume that a vehicle is safe to drive, but manufacturing defects can make them unsafe. You have every reason to think a car is safe unless you are told otherwise. Below, find some valuable information about recent vehicle defects and what these recalls mean for drivers.

Recent Vehicle Recalls

Chrysler Group is conducting a vehicle recall of more than a million of its 1993-1998 Grand Cherokee and 2002-2007 Jeep Liberty models. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 51 deaths occurred due to design defects in these vehicles. The location of fuel tanks as a fire hazard is the focus of the recall.

More Problems for Chrysler

Chrysler also has defective vehicle equipment problems with the 2005-2010 Grand Cherokee in addition to those reported for earlier models. In this problem, a driver started their car remotely and watched it roll away. No one was hurt by the driverless car, but the potential for wrongful death was present for innocent bystanders.

Defects in Expensive Cars

Luxury cars have design defects as well as lower priced vehicles, including the 2009 Mercedes Benz S-Class. At a price of $147,000, you may think that everything on the car works perfectly. However, improperly installed locks made it impossible to open a passenger door from the inside.

Lamborghini also recalled more than 400 of its $265,000 Murcielago models that contained poor quality welds on fuel pumps and created the possibility of gas leaks.

Losing Control of a Car

Inattentive drivers are often the cause of a car accident, but manufacturing defects can cause them as well. A defective steering wheel can create problems that are beyond the ability of a driver to control. Accident victims in Texas can contact a Dallas accident attorney for legal representation when necessary.

Your Legal Options

A car that has defective vehicle equipment can cause you bodily harm with no warning. To protect your rights to compensation when you are injured by the improper performance of a vehicle, call 972-525-2550 to make an appointment with the Barber Law Firm, an award-winning firm serving the Dallas area.