Recently, an investigation was conducted by a Dallas television station into the way in which school buses in Dallas are maintained and driven. The investigation found that although the officials say that safety is their top priority, many buses are badly in need of maintenance.

As part of the investigation, reporters talked to many bus drivers and also officials in the school system. The bus drivers had a myriad of complaints, including defective brakes, defective parking brakes, bad tires, repeated breakdowns that took hours to fix, non-working headlights, and horns that didn’t honk. Although the bus drivers had many complaints and personal examples of problems, officials from Dallas County Schools say that overall the buses are safe.

Dallas County Schools have 1,690 buses and 62 mechanics to fix them, or one mechanic for every 25 buses, which is about the national average. If needed, supervisors can be called into work as mechanics. DCS says that they have implemented a program that will monitor repairs as they happen. They also claim that their accident rate is better than some other school systems, and worse than others.

When you send your children off on the school bus, you are doing so with the belief that the school buses are safe and properly maintained, or you would transport them yourself if possible. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. School bus accidents happen in Dallas, and the injuries suffered in such an accident can range from mild to fatal. If you have been the unfortunate victim of a school bus accident in the Dallas area, contact the Dallas school bus accident attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529. We will help you seek compensation from the responsible party. Call us today.