By law, individuals who operate personal watercraft (such as jet skis), as well as boats, have a duty to operate the, as well as boats, safe manner. They also have the duty to take steps to protect their passengers as well as others on the water around them. Although most people would not drive a car without proper training or while intoxicated, many do not view boating the same way. Some common reasons boating and jet ski accidents occur include a lack of proper training, driving while intoxicated, driving too fast or in a reckless manner, and failing to keep a proper lookout.

Victims of jet ski and boating accidents who are harmed by the wrongful actions of another person can choose to pursue compensation through the court system. Many jet ski and boating accidents that result in injuries involve the negligence of family and friends, which can make victims reluctant to pursue a case. However, keep in mind that in most cases, insurance companies are involved, which means the wrongdoer will most likely not be out of pocket for his or her injuries. Also, you will have to live with your injuries for the rest of your life, yet you only have a short time in which to seek compensation.

If you have been involved in a jet ski or boating accident in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you should speak with an attorney at The Barber Law Firm about your legal options.