A dog bite, from any dog, is a serious matter and is a cause for concern. In addition to the physical harm inflicted on the victim, there is also the risk of infection and the possibility that the dog’s owners can be sued for damages. Whether you are related to the victim or are the owner of the dog in question, the Barber Law Firm wants you to keep this information in mind.

Children Are the Most Common Victims

Children are by far the most common victim of canine bites. This is often the case because kids move fast and don’t always understand how to behave around strange dogs. Whether you have a dog at home or not, parents should educate their children on how to act around dogs and teach them to always get the owners’ permission before approaching a strange dog.

Owner Liability

Texas uses the “one bite” law, which increases the probability than an owner will be found responsible for a bite. The party filing the suit only has to prove that:

  • the dog has bitten someone before
  • the owner knew the dog was prone to biting
  • the bite was caused through owner negligence or a violation of leash laws
  • the owner intentionally allowed the dog to bite the victim.

Dallas injury attorney can help you determine if an owner was negligent in the animal bite.

Other Animal Bite Laws

There are also two additional laws pertaining to dogs. Under the 2007 Lillian’s Law, an owner can be put in jail if they are not able to secure their dog. Another 2007 law addresses the unnatural and sometimes cruel restraint of dogs. This law was designed to address owners who essentially make their dogs mean by leaving them chained for long periods of time.

Contact an Attorney

Canine bites can cause serious physical damage and pain. Infections are likely, and irreversible damage can occur if tendons are severed. This is why animal bites are covered under personal injury law.

If you or a family member has been harmed by a dog bite, contact the Barber Law Firm for advice at 972-525-2550. If you are a dog owner, take steps to keep your dog secured to protect the public and avoid costly lawsuits.