There are strict rules that daycare centers must follow under state law. The laws are generally designed to ensure that children are supervised at all times, the center has sanitary conditions, safe food and snacks are served, the center has a properly stocked first aid kit, and more. Typically, background checks must be performed on employees and there are rules about training for directors.

In most accidents where children are harmed in a daycare center, the infants and toddlers at the center were not properly supervised. It is critical that staff members keep close supervision of children at all times. Some common accidents involving day care centers include dropping children, children falling, fights between unsupervised children, ingesting poison, falls from changing tables, and allergic reactions.

Under Texas law, parents of children who are injured at daycare centers because of the negligence of staff members have the right to file a lawsuit against the facility where the accident occurred. In many cases, you may not be sure of the specific circumstances that occurred to cause your child’s injury. A qualified legal team can assist in investigating the matter to determine the likely cause. If the day care center was negligent, a claim can be asserted for past and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and more.

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