A horrifying Nascar crash earlier this month made headlines when at least 30 fans were injured at a race in Daytona, Florida. The accident occurred when a racecar going almost 200 miles an hour suddenly drove into the spectator area. The victims were hit with large chunks of debris when the car hit the fencing protecting the grandstands.

There is a long history of racing fans being injured at car races. The worst tragedy at a racing accident occurred in 1955 when 83 spectators and one driver were killed, and 120 were injured after two cars collided near the main stands for fans. Although that accident is very unusual, fans do get injured and killed in accidents in the U.S. occasionally. Between 1990 and 2010, 46 spectators were killed in U.S. racing accidents. Most of those were killed at small off-road courses or small tracks. However, of those spectators killed, six were killed while attending races at large tracks. Among those victims, three were killed in 1999 at a race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway when a wreck caused a tire to fly into the grandstand. That accident caused track officials to raise the level of the catch fence from 15 feet to 21 feet.

Despite safety efforts from racing officials, spectators are still injured at racing events, as illustrated by the accident earlier this month. If you plan on attending a racing event, be aware that although the odds of you being injured at a professional race are very slim, accidents do happen. Although most injuries occur to people who are sitting near the safety fences, the accident that happened earlier this month injured two spectators who were sitting in the top section of the grandstand.

If you are planning on attending a race, the most important thing you can do to ensure your safety is to stay alert. Although there may not be time for you to avoid being hurt by flying debris, it is possible an alert spectator could duck or move to safety in time. If you’ve been injured at a Nascar race or another professional racing event, you may have a legal right to compensation from the race track, the racing organizer, or another party. If you’re in Dallas, call the Dallas personal injury attorneys at the Barber Law Firm at 866-986-1529.