The Dallas/Fort Worth area has become a hub for major sporting events, festivals, and other events and attractions that draw thousands of tourists into the area. Although events such as the World Series bring a lot of attention and tourism dollars into the Dallas/Fort Worth area, they also bring a lot of traffic headaches for many residents.

With this being the second year in a row of the World Series coming to Arlington, the city of Arlington made a lot of plans to avoid the extreme congestion associated with a major sporting event. In addition to the World Series, the Dallas Cowboys hosted the St. Louis Rams during one game of the World Series, and during that time, there were also several other events going on in the area.

Additional parking lots were opened up to handle the traffic, and each had several access points. During days when the Cowboys were not playing, additional parking was available in lots in the Cowboys Stadium. The city of Arlington also set up a special World Series website that contained updated information on traffic and parking. Even with the advance preparation, traffic in the area was still a nightmare for many drivers.

When driving to events with a huge turnout, such as a World Series game, experts recommend leaving early, wearing comfortable shoes, and preparing for a long walk. It’s also a good idea to be aware of your surroundings, especially at night. Also, avoid leaving valuables in your vehicles. Thieves often see huge sporting events as a great opportunity. It’s also important to avoid parking on private property. If you park in a private business’s lot, you risk parking illegally and giving your money to scam artists who don’t own the lot, and you could get towed.

If you are attending a big event in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, be careful and have fun. If you have been involved in an accident in the area due to the negligence of another careless driver, contact Kris Barber, Dallas automobile accident attorney, at 972-231-5800 to pursue your legal options.