The cost of toll tags and toll tag fines is a hot topic in North Texas. The North Texas Toll Authority recently reversed its policy of imposing high fines on motorists who don’t pay their tolls. We at The Barber Law Firm don’t want you to have to pay your TollTag in Dallas at all. By sharing our contest information on Facebook and registering your email address on our website, you are eligible to qualify.

Extension on Existing Tolls

In an effort to collect additional revenue, the North Texas Toll Authority gave motorists a 96 grace period to pay-up their outstanding tolls without having to pay late fees. The program appears to have been a success as several million dollars was collected and thousands of people lined up to pay their late tolls.

Tollway officials are also reducing the amount of money you need to open a toll account. The original cost to open an account was $40 and the new amount is $20. This reduction is primarily to accommodate people who drive on the toll roads less frequently and don’t like to tie up $40 on an account.

Win with Us

Everyone likes a little more cash in their pocket. Our personal injury attorneys at The Barber Law Firm are running a contest and the winner gets their TollTag paid. Contact us at 972-525-2550 for more information on how you can enter to win.  Spend your hard-earned money how you want, and allow us to pick up the tab for your tolls.

Source: Star Telegram, “Fines reduced for North Texas toll road scofflaws,” Gordon Dickson, September 18, 2013.